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Free Crochet Scarf Patterns - 59 Different Scarves


Fun Fur Scarf Pattern

Close-Up Photo of the Fun Fur Eyelash Yarn Scarf.
Fun Fur Scarf -- Photo © M. Solovay
Here's a soft, stylish scarf for you to crochet. The sample scarf is crocheted using Lion Brand Fun Fur yarn, but you can make it in the bulky eyelash yarn of your choice. This scarf works up quickly using single crochet stitch.

Easy Checkered Neck Warmer Scarf

Easy Checkered Neck Warmer Pattern to Crochet
Easy Checkered Neck Warmer Pattern -- Photo © Andrea Lyn Van Benschoten

This neck warmer is crocheted in single crochet, and it's way easier than you'd guess by looking at the picture.

This pattern was designed by Andrea Lyn Van Benschoten.

Lacy Cowl-Style Scarf Pattern

Lace Cowl-Style Scarf
Lace Cowl-Style Scarf -- Photo © Erica Jackofsky

Cowls are all the rage right now, and it's no wonder; they're fast projects that don't use a lot of yarn. This gorgeous crocheted cowl is a one-skein pattern that offers you the perfect opportunity to try out a luscious luxury yarn. This pattern was designed by Erica Jackofsky.

Charity Granny Scarf Pattern

Charity Granny Scarf by Anastacia Knits Designs
Charity Granny Scarf -- This Scarf Pattern Is by Anastacia Knits Designs; Photo © Anastacia Zittel

To crochet this granny scarf, you'll need worsted weight yarn and a size H crochet hook.

This pattern is made available to you for free compliments of Anastacia Zittel at Anastacia Knits Designs. Anastacia is a prolific pattern designer and also a prolific crocheter; she makes many crochet patterns available for free and for sale.

Shells and Chains Scarf

Shells and Chains Crochet Scarf Pattern by Anastacia Knits Designs
Shells and Chains Scarf -- Scarf Pattern Is by Anastacia Knits Designs; Photo © Anastacia Zittel

This colorful shells and chains scarf is another design by Anastacia Zittel at Anastacia Knits. Anastacia used a variegated sock yarn to achieve this eye-catching look.

Forget the Scarf

"Forget the Scarf," a Crocheted Scarf by Anastacia Knits Designs
Scarf Pattern Design by Anastacia Knits Designs; Photo © Anastacia Zittel

Here's another fab textured crochet scarf design by Anastacia.

In case you're scratching your head wondering what that name means, I'll explain it to you. Anastacia also has a free pattern for a matching pair of fingerless gloves called "forget the fingers," so she went with the same theme when naming the scarf.

So Easy It's Sinful Scarf

So Easy It's Sinful Scarf Crocheted in V-Stitch
So Easy It's Sinful Scarf Crocheted in V-Stitch -- Design and Photo © Anastacia Zittel

This scarf is crocheted in worsted weight yarn using easy v stitches. This scarf is part of a coordinating set; the set includes a shawl, fingerless gloves, cowl and hat. Both the scarf and the hat are available as free patterns; the other patterns can be purchased on this page, if you are interested.

This set was designed by Anastacia at Anastacia Knits.

Caron's Free Scarf Patterns

If you click any of the links below, you'll be transported to free scarf patterns at one of the Caron web sites.

Scarf Size

Wondering what's the best size to make a crocheted or knitted scarf? Our readers have shared their opinions for how long, and how wide, an ideal scarf size is.
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