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Ideas for How to Tie a Scarf

Scarf Tying 101


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Awhile ago, I met a crocheter who has never crocheted a scarf. I asked her why not, and she confided that she has no idea how to wear scarves. She was looking at a scarf pattern that she really wanted to try, but she was hesitant because she felt certain the scarf would never leave her closet once she finished crocheting it.

It occurs to me that she may not be alone in her scarf anxiety; there are many people who aren't quite sure how to tie a scarf, or how to wear a scarf without looking stupid.

So, I thought I would point out some ideas for how to wear scarves. I think anyone can wear them, and if you've ever wanted to, now is a great time to try them out; they're really trendy at the moment. I've been seeing scarves everywhere lately-- in fashion magazines, on the runway, and on my friends.

Personally, when it comes to wearing scarves-- and especially crocheted scarves -- I prefer to keep it simple. I don't have the time or inclination to be fussing over my scarf for hours on end, but I do want it to look good. So with that in mind, here's a list of the go-to methods I use for tying my scarves before I head out the door.

Loop Scarf Once Around the Neck

Scarves Looped Once Around the Neck
Scarves Looped Once Around the Neck -- Photos and Photo Collage © Michael Solovay

One of my favorite ways to wear a scarf: just loop the scarf around your neck once, and let the ends dangle. (See photos at left.) It's super-easy and more or less foolproof.

Tie the Scarf Once and Let the Ends Dangle

Example of How to Tie a Textured Scarf
Example of How to Tie a Textured Scarf -- Photo © M. Solovay

I've also been known to simply tie a scarf once or twice. You can see an example of that at left, pictured on the Fancy Fur scarf. That idea works well with crocheted scarves, which tend to be very textured. When the texture steals the show, in my opinion there is no need to go crazy with elaborate draping, folding, or knot-tying.


Example of How to Tie a Short Crocheted Scarf
Example of How to Tie a Short Crocheted Scarf -- Photo © Michael Solovay

This is also going to be your best bet for scarves that are so short you couldn't do much else with them, like the Fourth of July scarf pictured at left. I tied the scarf once and that's all there was to it; since the colors and texture are already eye-catching, I don't see a need for anything fancier.

Loop the Scarf Around the Neck; Tie and Let the Ends Dangle

Another Scarf Tying Idea: Loop the Scarf Twice Around the Neck, Then Tie Once.
Scarf Tying Idea: Loop the Scarf Twice Around the Neck, Then Tie Once. Photo © Michael Solovay

When it comes to scarf tying, this is about as complicated as I like to get. This method of tying works well with long scarves, like the eyelash yarn scarf (pictured at left) and the Lacy striped scarf (pictured at right.)

I usually use this method of tying scarves on cold days when I want to make sure I keep warm. It's also nice for using with certain types of fashion scarves.


Example of How to Tie a Man's Scarf
Example of How to Tie a Man's Scarf -- Photo © Amy Solovay

Guys can do this too, by the way. The photo at left shows my husband wearing his winter scarf looped and then tied. If the scarf is extra wide, you might want to double it on itself horizontally before looping it.

More Ideas for Wearing Scarves

We hope you'll find these ideas helpful and inspiring. So now, hopefully you've got some ideas for making and wearing scarves, and there's no real reason to hold back on crocheting a bunch of them.

Free Crochet Scarf Patterns

You can easily make any of the scarves you see on this page; the crochet patterns and instructions are all available on our website -- for free! And if you don't know how to crochet yet, no problem; we'll teach you how. All of the crochet videos, crochet instructions and crochet tutorials on our website are totally free with no strings attached and no registration required.

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