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Learn how to crochet scrubbers with these free crochet patterns and instructions.

Free Crochet Pot Scrubber Pattern and Instructions
This pot scrubber is a practical project that's quick to make. It's made using upcycled materials, and it's cheaper than a store-bought scrubber would be.

Free Crochet Scrubbie Pattern
This scrubbie is crocheted using free materials -- grocery bags and produce bags. The end result is a frugal, earth-friendly project that's quick to make and easy to use. The scrubbie works well for washing pots and everyday dishes.

Main Index of Free Scrubbie Patterns
Dish scrubbies are useful and practical. If you would like to try crocheting a scrubbie using free or inexpensive materials, I hope you'll enjoy having this list of free scrubbie patterns.

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