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Design Your Own Crochet Project Using Small Granny Squares


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These instructions work best for designing flat square or rectangular projects without any complicated shaping. This is an ideal technique for making pillows, placemats, table runners, dresser scarves, neck scarves, throws, blankets and similar simple, flat projects.

I thought of this idea when brainstorming different ideas for using my simple rows and rounds granny square to created finished crochet projects. This square is small, measuring only about 3.25 inches. I think it would be a nice design for using in pictorial or patterned projects. However, any smallish (or maybe even not-so-smallish) square could work well, depending on the design ideas you come up with. This easy, beginner-friendly granny square is also a possibility for a square you could use for this design project.


  1. Decide what to make. If there's not much scrap yarn in your stash, maybe the project could be something small, like a pillow or a scarf. If there's quite a bit, it could be a larger project, maybe even a blanket.

  2. Grab some colored pencils (or crayons, markers, etc), some graph paper and a bag of scrap yarn. If you're computer-savvy and you have appropriate software, you could do this same type of pattern design on the computer instead.

  3. For each yarn color, find a corresponding colored pencil color. Try to achieve as close a match as possible between the yarn and pencil colors, so that your rendering on paper will be as accurate as possible.

  4. Using only the selected colored pencils, color in squares on the graph paper to design a project. One square on the graph paper = one square you'd have to crochet in that color.

  5. If you want to "cheat" and use another color, no problem -- but if you don't have any yarn in that color, you'd have to acquire some so that you could actually make the squares in that color.

  6. You'll need to crochet at least one square to determine your gauge. Measure the square and jot the measurement down.

  7. When you've finished drawing your design onto the graph paper , count your squares horizontally and vertically. Multiply your square measurement by these numbers to get an approximate idea of how big the project will turn out. Make sure it's going to be a useable size before proceeding with the actual crochet work.

  8. If it looks like the project would be the wrong size, adjust your design accordingly.

  9. Crochet the squares you need to make your design.

  10. When you have all the squares crocheted, join them together to create the design shown on your graph paper.

  11. Enjoy your new creation!

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