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How Do I Trim a Sweatshirt to Make It a Jacket?


Question: How Do I Trim a Sweatshirt to Make It a Jacket?

Hi Amy,

I am an avid crocheter and make afghans galore! My question is, do you have any free projects regarding trimming a sweatshirt to make it a jacket? I am a plus sized lady and would love to do some sweatshirts for myself and friends, but I am not sure how to start. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Best regards,

Hi Rose,

Thanks for getting in touch. I haven't yet created any projects like you describe, but I do have some ideas you might find helpful.

One approach would be to cut the sweatshirt down the center, hem the cut edges so that they do not unravel, and then add the trim all the way around the neckline and down the hemmed edges. You could also add trim around the lower perimeter if you like.

Here are some links to relevant articles and examples of various jackets and projects you might like to take a look at.

At Crochet Me: A crocheter who goes by the ID "Gram" has posted a picture of a sweatshirt jacket she created using the Edgery Doo.

At the Hooked on Crochet Blog: Here's a free jacket pattern that might give you some ideas, although the jacket is made from fleece, not a sweatshirt.

At Crafty Stylish: How to add crochet trim to any fabric edge - The photos show trim being added to a T-shirt, but you could do the same thing to a sweatshirt.

At About Crochet: (This web site) Sandi Marshall has posted an excellent article about how to crochet directly into fabric. You'll also want to check out our free patterns for edgings and trims.

At About DIY Fashion: Rain Blanken, your Guide to DIY Fashion, has put together a whole list of articles about how to recycle your clothes.

You might also want to ask your question on our crochet forum. Perhaps one of our forum members has tried a similar project, and could give you more detailed information.

Thanks again for getting in touch. Happy crocheting!

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