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Choosing Beads, Yarns and Threads
Choosing Beads and Yarn

This Photo Shows an Example of What Not to Do. See How the Chenille Yarn Overwhelms the Bead and Obscures It? This Is Not an Ideal Combination; Either Choose Larger Beads to Go With the Chenille, or a Finer Yarn to Go With the Beads.

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Do you need some help choosing beads and yarn to use with this technique? Here are some suggestions:

  • Study the photo above for an example of what not to do. See how the yarn overwhelms the beads? I thought this chenille would be a delightful yarn to use for beaded snowflakes- and it would be, but the beads I chose are not ideal. They are too small. I will try again with some larger beads.

  • If you decide to use small seed beads, you're going to need a very fine thread, and a tiny steel crochet hook. You'll probably want to consider using a magnifier too.

  • If you want to use worsted weight yarn, choose some BIG huge beads to match.


Feel free to be creative and experiment with color combinations.

I didn't get too crazy with colors in this tutorial; I stuck with safe colors - teal beads with aqua thread, red beads with red thread, green beads with green thread, etc. If you don't have a lot of color confidence, these tonal color combinations are pretty safe; there's no need to worry that the colors will clash or look weird together if you match them closely in this way.

Remember that you can also create interesting combinations using dramatic contrasts between the beads and the thread.

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