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Easy Beaded Crochet Technique - Free Tutorial


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Crocheting the First Few Stitches
Crocheting the First Few Stitches

Crocheting the First Few Stitches

Photos © 2009 M. Solovay, Used With Permission.
  • Chain 2 (Views F and G.) The first chain will count as your first single crochet stitch. The second chain is going to go overtop of the bead to accent it and hold it in place.

    Note that this number of chains is not set in stone, and you can adjust it if you want to. The number of chains will depend on the beads and thread you are using. If you're using large beads and fine thread, you might need a few more chains. Feel free to experiment.

  • Slide the first bead so that it is right next to your chain stitches. Work a single crochet stitch in between the first bead and the second bead.

    You're probably used to making a stitch in either another stitch or a space. Since there are no stitches or spaces to work into, this might seem like a bit of a mystery, but it's actually pretty simple. Just reach underneath the wire with your hook, and grab the yarn. Bring it back underneath the wire, the same way you would work into a space, and complete your stitch as usual.

  • View I shows the completed single crochet stitch.

In this sample, I've only worked one single crochet stitch in between each bead. You can increase the number of single crochet stitches between beads if you want to. For that matter, you could work other stitches in between the beads if you want to.

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