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Upper Photo: © 2009 M. Solovay, Used With Permission. Lower Photo: © 2009 Amy Solovay.
  • Continue working a chain stitch over each bead, and a single crochet stitch in between each bead, all the way across until the end of the row.

  • End the row with a single crochet stitch.

  • View V shows what the work looks like at this point. Notice that there is still a bit of wire showing between the stopper and the beadwork. If you attached a permanent stopper, you'll want to deal with that next:

    • If your beads have holes that are large enough to accommodate the twisted wire, this part is easy. Just slide the entire row of beadwork over the twisted wire, as close to the stopper as you can get it.

    • If there is still a large amount of wire showing, you can work another stitch or two overtop of it to cover it up.

    • Alternately, you could un-twist the wire, slide the beads closer to the crocheted beadwork, and then re-twist the wire.

    • You could also wrap the yarn around the exposed wire a few times before you cut the yarn and weave in the loose ends.

If you attached a temporary stopper, you can remove it now.

What About the Other End?

At this point, your spool of wire or ball of yarn is still attached at the other end. Go ahead and cut it, leaving enough space to finish the project:

  • If you're making a piece of jewelry, add the other clasp, jump ring or closure you need.

  • If you're making a snowflake or similar project, create another beaded loop as shown in views B and C earlier in the tutorial.

  • If you're making a motif that is a closed shape, such as a heart or circle, you can join the ends of the beadwork together. One method of doing this: twist the ends of the wire together. Crochet another stitch, or a few more stitches over top of it; alternately, you can twist your yarn or thread overtop of the join to hide it. Then cut the yarn and weave in the ends.
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