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Easy Beaded Crochet Technique - Free Tutorial


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Beaded Crochet Examples
Beaded Crochet Examples

Beaded Crochet Examples

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  • Upper Left Photo: Small pink and red mixed beads paired with red embroidery floss. I used a size 6 / 1.80 mm steel crochet hook to make this sample.

  • Middle Photo: This sample features the same supplies used above, plus additional green beads and green embroidery floss.The green beads are significantly larger than the red and pink beads are. Don't be afraid to try some out-of-the-box combinations! I used this sample to create an apple applique; you'll see a photo of it on the next page of the tutorial.

  • Lower Photo: Large pale green faceted beads paired with acetate ribbon yarn. I used a size d / 3-3.25 mm crochet hook to get this look.

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