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How to Carry Yarn Up the Sides When Crocheting Stripes


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Avoid Weaving in Ends When Crocheting Stripes
First Color Change

First Color Change

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Are you tired of weaving in zillions of ends when you crochet stripes? This tutorial demonstrates how to carry yarn up the sides of your work. This technique will help you save time when you are crocheting stripes; it will eliminate the need for weaving in an excessive amount of ends, leaving you with only a few at the beginning and end to deal with.


You'll need two different colors of yarn: color A and color B. You'll also need a crochet hook. In my sample swatch, I'm using baby pink yarn as color A, and baby blue yarn as color B.


Crochet two rows of single crochet in color A. When you get to the last stitch, stop short of completing the last step. (View A.)

Grab color B with your hook. (View B.)

Pull it through to complete the stitch. (View C.) Do not cut color A!

Work the turning chain with color B as you normally would. (View D.)

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