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Simple Chart for Crocheted Potholder or Other Crochet Projects

Two-Color Crochet and Needlework Chart


Simple Charted Pattern for Crocheting Potholders or Other Projects

Simple Charted Pattern for Crocheting Potholders or Other Projects

Chart © Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

This chart is a different colorway of a chart I originally designed for use in afghan squares. This time, I decided to re-color it and use it to crochet a snowflake potholder. This design forms the backdrop for a pretty snowflake applique.

The potholder is one idea for using this chart, but there are plenty of other options. You're welcome to use this chart any which way you like.

Basic Instructions for Crocheting This Square:

You'll need two different colors of yarn or crochet thread; color A and color B.

Each square on the chart represents one single crochet stitch.

Abbreviations Used in This Design:

Using color A, ch 26 to start.

Rows 1 - 5: sc in 2nd ch from hook. Work 5 rows in color A. I recommend crocheting overtop of color B for all 5 rows, in order to maintain a consistent look and gauge throughout the entire square.

Rows 6 - 20: Work 5 stitches in color A, 15 sts in color B, and 5 stitches in color A. (This gives you a total of 25 sc sts.)

Row 21 - 25: Repeat rows 1 - 5.

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