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Crocheted Snowflake Appliques

See the Snowflake Crocheted in Worsted Weight Yarn and Crochet Thread


Crocheted Winter Snowflake Appliques

Crocheted Winter Snowflake Appliques

Photo © Amy Solovay

Both of these snowflakes were crocheted using the same pattern.

The snowflake on the left was made using Peaches and Creme worsted weight cotton yarn. The finished snowflake measures 7 1/2 inches. This size might be nice to use for embellishing a large project such as a sweatshirt or roomy tote bag, although it is quite thick; you may wish to use a finer yarn, depending on your project.

The snowflake on the right was made using size 3 crochet thread. The finished snowflake measures 4 1/4 inches.

I used the smaller snowflake to embellish a crocheted potholder.

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