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Crocheted Potholder With Snowflake Applique

Beautify Your Winter Baking


Winter baking is always more fun when you have pretty new potholders to use.
Snowflake Potholder – Crocheted Potholder With Snowflake Applique

Crocheted Potholder With Snowflake Applique

Photo © Amy Solovay

A beautiful crocheted snowflake applique adorns the front of this two-tone potholder. Both free crochet patterns are available through this web site; you can use them together as shown, or you can use either pattern separately if you prefer.

The body of the potholder is crocheted using worsted weight kitchen cotton.

The design is created using a super-simple charted pattern. If you've never crocheted with mid-row color changes before, this is a great starter pattern for learning that technique; check out our tapestry crochet tutorial for detailed instructions.

Then, once the body of the potholder has been crocheted, you add slip stitch details in surface crochet, and you stitch the snowflake onto the potholder in the center.

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