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Snowflake Bottle Cap Trivet


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Finished Crochet Circles
Two Finished Crochet Circles for Covering Bottle Caps

Two Finished Crochet Circles for Covering Bottle Caps

Photo © Michael Solovay

For every bottle cap, you'll make two of these circle shapes. There will be one minor difference in the circles: you only need to leave an extra-long length of yarn on one of them. On the other one, the yarn tail at the end can be shorter, measuring around 6 inches so that you can weave it in comfortably.

This photo shows my bottle cap and my two circle shapes. As you can see from the photo, I have a tapestry needle threaded with the long length of yarn that's attached to one of my circles.

For those who don't know, a tapestry needle is a needle with a large eye; this particular tapestry needle has a large enough eye that I can thread yarn through it.

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