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How to Crochet the Shell Block Pattern - Close Looks at Stitches Used


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Photo Showing Chain at End of Row Counting as Last Double Crochet
Illustrating chain-3 from start of previous row as last dc in current row.

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The photo above illustrates the end of row 3 of the Shell Block Square pattern, highlighting the chain-3 which started the previous row, which (because the piece was turned) is now at the end of the current row and counts as the last stitch to be crocheted in that row.

The chain-3 at the end of the row can be easy for a beginner to miss, which would accidentally decrease the number of stitches in the row. It looks different than the rest of the double crochet stitches in the row. A beginner can take note from the photo above, to see what that chain-3 looks like and to become used to counting that as the last double crochet of the row.

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