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Tapestry Crochet

Learn all about tapestry crochet; find links to free resources for this fascinating and colorful crochet technique.

Tapestry Crochet
Want to learn tapestry crochet? This page links together a variety of different tapestry crochet resources, including free patterns, free tutorials, and more.

Tapestry Crochet Tutorial
You can create splendid, colorful crocheted fabrics using the tapestry crochet technique. This tutorial shows you how to get started with tapestry crochet.

Free Tapestry Crochet Patterns
Once you've learned how to do tapestry crochet, practice the technique using any of these free tapestry crochet patterns.

Tapestry Crochet Cupcake Design
Crochet a cute little cupcake using the tapestry crochet technique and this free cupcake chart and pattern. The design turns out square; you can use it many different ways.

Amy's Scarf of Many Colors -- Free Crochet Pattern
This colorful rainbow scarf is crocheted using the tapestry crochet technique. Get the free crochet scarf pattern here!

How to Do Color Changes When Working From a Graph
Want to know how to do color changes when you are crocheting from a graph? If so, this page is a resource that can help.

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