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Free Crochet Thread Patterns

Free Patterns and Project Ideas for Crocheting With Thread


This is the ultimate collection of free patterns for thread crochet. Find thread crochet patterns for bedspreads, doilies, bookmarks, scarves, edgings and more.

Thread Crochet Bedspread Patterns

Thread Crochet Bedspread
Thread Crochet Bedspread - Photo © Amy Solovay

Pictured at left is a bedspread made using this free pattern for a criss-cross granny square. The open spaces in the design make for an eye-catching pattern when the squares are joined together.

Our website features many more square and motif patterns that would be suitable for use in making thread crochet bedspreads:

Thread Crochet Scarf Pattern

Thread Crochet Cotton Scarf
Thread Crochet Cotton Scarf - Photo © Amy Solovay

This cotton scarf is crocheted in size 3 cotton crochet thread; while it looks intricate and detailed, it's actually an easy pattern to crochet, dispelling the myth that thread crochet is always difficult to do.

See Also: free crochet scarf patterns.

Thread Crochet Doily Patterns

Thread Crochet Doily With Ruffled Edging
Thread Crochet Doily With Ruffled Edging -- Photo © Sandi Marshall
  • Lace Doily With Ruffled Edging - (Pictured) Sandi Marshall designed this pretty doily to be worked in size 10 crochet thread. It's a lovely "little something" you can use to beautify any room in your home.

  • Vintage Thread Crochet Spider Doily - Here's a round doily that resembles a lacy spider web, hence the name. This is a vintage design that originally appeared in an American Thread Company book called Crochet Treasures.

  • Oval Filet Crochet Doily - There are several different versions of this pretty doily, and all of them look like interesting crochet projects. The doily is finished off with an eye-catching cluster stitch edging. Both the pattern and the edging tutorial are by Sandi Marshall.

  • Check out more free doily patterns.

Thread Crochet Edging and Trim Patterns

Thread Crochet Trim With Cross Stitched Heart Motifs
Thread Crochet Trim With Cross Stitched Heart Motifs - Photo © Amy Solovay

Thread Crochet Jewelry Patterns and Tutorials

Crocheted Necklace With Beads and Dichroic Glass Pendant
Crocheted Necklace With Beads and Dichroic Glass Pendant - Photo © Michael Solovay

Free Patterns for Thread Crochet Purses

Vintage Beaded Thread Crochet Bag
Vintage Beaded Thread Crochet Bag - Illustration © 1902, originally published in the Delineator.

Thread Crochet Motifs and Appliques

Thread Crochet Snowflake Applique
Thread Crochet Snowflake Applique - Photo © Amy Solovay
  • Crocheted Snowflake Applique: (pictured) I've crocheted this snowflake applique a couple different times, once with crochet thread and once with yarn. Both are nice, but I think the thread crochet version is far more useful and versatile. I used my finished motif to make a snowflake potholder. I'm thinking of making a few more for sewing onto scarves, hats, sweaters and bags.

  • Beaded Crochet Snowflake - Using this pattern, you'll combine crochet thread, embroidery floss, beads and wire to create a strong, flexible snowflake that can be used in many different ways.

  • Small Cluster Flower Thread Crochet Motif - You can make this pretty little flower using the materials of your choice, but Sandi Marshall used size 10 crochet thread for making her sample flower. This is a good pattern for using up odds and ends of thread.

  • See more free patterns for crochet motifs and crochet appliques.

Miscellaneous Free Patterns for Crocheting With Thread

Thread Crochet Cell Phone Holder With Beads
Thread Crochet Cell Phone Holder With Beads - Photo © Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

Beaded Crochet Cell Phone Holder: You'll use size 3 crochet thread and contrasting colored beads to crochet this pretty little cell phone pouch. The pouch is sized for Iphones but could hold any similarly sized gadget.

Thread crochet bookmark patterns

Thread Crochet Animal Charts for crochet -- Most of these are charted patterns that could be worked in thread if you wish.

Filet Crochet

Filet Crochet Edging
Filet Crochet Edging - Photo and Chart © Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

Our website is home to a vast collection of free tutorials, charts and patterns for filet crochet. If you'd like to learn more about this delightful crochet technique, you're invited to visit the pages linked here:

Thread Crochet Books

Crochet So Fine book by Kristin Omdahl, published by Interweave Press
Crochet So Fine book by Kristin Omdahl, published by Interweave Press - Photo Courtesy Pricegrabber

We're hoping you enjoyed the roundup of free patterns linked above. Want even more thread crochet patterns? If so, you might enjoy the following books:

  • Crochet So Fine Book: The premise of this book: you can crochet gorgeous, wearable clothing if you use either crochet thread or fine yarns to do it. Be sure to check out my book review for more info about the projects included in the book.

  • The Beaded Edge Book:Using beads, crochet thread, and the lovely patterns in this book, you'll learn how to crochet exquisite edgings to finish off scarves, clothing, accessories, linens, and other projects. This is one of my favorite crochet books.
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