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Crochet Tips and Troubleshooting

Do you need help with a crochet project you’re working on? You’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find tips and hints for troubleshooting just about any kind of problem you might encounter while crocheting.
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Crocheters Helping Crocheters
Whether you need some help with your crochet, or you want to use your expertise to help others, this page has much to offer you. Connect with other crocheters to share tips, help and information.

Crocheters Share Their Best Crochet Tips
If you're new to crochet, you'll be sure to find these tips helpful. If you're an intermediate or advanced level crocheter, you probably have some crochet tips to share. Please post them, and enjoy the satisfaction of sharing your knowledge with others.

Saving Money on Crochet
Find out how our readers get the most out of their crochet budgets.

7 Reasons Your Crochet Project Is Taking So Long
Want to get your projects finished faster? Of course you do! Once you understand why it is they're taking so long in the first place, you'll know what to do to speed things up substantially. Check this page for insights and tips.

4 Secrets for Success With Variegated Yarn
Want to know which details make the difference between a fabulous variegated project and a disappointing one? If so, this page is the place to click.

How to Save Money on Crochet
Find tips for saving money on crochet.

How Your Choice of Crochet Hooks Might Influence Your Gauge
Here's a case study where we troubleshoot the reasons why two of my afghan squares ended up being different sizes. I hope this info can save you some grief in your future crochet endeavors.

Learn Tips and Tricks for Crocheting With Eyelash Yarn
Eyelash yarn's texture makes it more challenging to crochet with than a smooth yarn would be. Find tips and hints that will help you keep your sanity when crocheting with eyelash yarn.

Quick and Easy Crochet
Are you wondering how to speed up your crocheting? Looking for some quick and easy crochet ideas? Here are some time-saving crochet techniques, projects, and patterns.

Crochet Tips for Beginners
Here I've shared some assorted crochet tips that I hope you'll find helpful.

Tips for Re-Using Your Gauge Swatches When You Are Finished With Them
These tips will help you save money on your crochet or knitting.

How Soon Should You Start Working on a Baby Afghan?
Let's discuss the amount of time it takes to crochet a baby afghan. In your opinion, how soon should someone start working on a baby afghan? Read other crocheters opinions too.

Epic Fails in Crochet

Warning! This page might make your eyes bleed...And, not in a good way.

How Many Chains Should a Granny Square Have?
How many chain stitches should a crocheted granny square have? How many chains in the corners? How many chains between groups of double crochet stitches?

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