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How Many Chains Should a Granny Square Have?

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Comparing Different Crocheted Granny Squares

Comparing Different Crocheted Granny Squares

Comparing Different Crocheted Granny Squares -- Photo © Amy Solovay

A reader emailed the following to me:

Dear Amy,

Thanks so much for your wonderful picture and written tutorial on crocheting granny squares. I was having so much trouble figuring out how to do them until I saw your pattern. One of the biggest helps was when you wrote that you need to slip stitch to the corner in round 3. I was not able to figure out how to get to that corner until you clearly explained how to do it! I don't understand why many patterns do not state this explicitly!

One question I had. Many patterns on granny squares will have you ch 2 in the corners and then ch 1 before moving on to a space. However, when doing your pattern I see that you always instruct to chain 2, no matter where you are in the square. Do you find this makes a nicer square in the end? Just wondering the rationale and why you recommend this.

Thanks so very much for all of your help!

My Response:

There are zillions of different ways to crochet granny squares, even very basic ones. I wouldn't necessarily say that it makes a nicer square; this is simply one way of doing it. This way happens to be the way that my great aunt taught me when I was first learning how to crochet.

I do not know why she chose to teach me that particular version. I suspect that it was because my early crochet work was unbearably tight, and this version of the granny square is very relaxed.

Your question motivated me to create a slideshow showing comparisons of various granny squares and how they look. Varying the basic pattern by a stitch, or two, or several, can give you different results -- and sometimes even dramatically different results. I found it interesting to do direct comparisons between several of the granny patterns we have available on this site. I hope you'll find it interesting too.

Here are some links to more of the various granny square resources we offer on our web site:

  • Granny Square Comparisons -- This link takes you to the slideshow mentioned above.

  • Free Crochet Granny Square Patterns -- This link takes you to a list of free patterns for grannies that are available from our website. A picture of each square is included so you can easily scan the list for ones that you like.

  • Granny Square Project Ideas and Free Patterns -- If you're wondering what you can make once you have bunches of granny squares made, this page is a great resource for ideas.

  • Granny Afghans -- The granny square naturally lends itself to being made up into afghans, and this page will give you plenty of ideas and free patterns for those.

  • How to Join Granny Squares -- Even if you know how to join squares already, this page will show you some additional methods you probably didn't know about.
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