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Epic Fails in Crochet

My Worst Crochet Projects


Warning! This page might make your eyes bleed...And, not in a good way.

Busiest Potholder Ever Crocheted?

Ugly Crocheted Potholder
Ugly Crocheted Potholder -- Photo © Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

Oh dear. I'm not quite sure how to explain this mess. Let's just say, it didn't turn out like I expected.

Important Takeaways:

...And the Second Busiest Potholder...

Ugly Green and White Potholder
Another Ugly Crocheted Potholder -- Photo © Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

Some people just never learn.

Filed under "What on earth was I thinking?"

The OTEAM! Monstrosity Potholder

Crocheted Potholder Fail
Purple and Gold Crocheted Potholder Fail -- Photo © Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

My friend Shirley is a Los Angeles Lakers fanatic. She has a Lakers sweatshirt. She has a Lakers hat, and a Lakers keychain, and a whole bunch of different Lakers T-shirts. You know what she doesn’t have? Crocheted potholders in Lakers colors.

In hindsight, I am thinking it should stay that way. But, good friend that I am, I was going to try to make her a pair.

My next mistake: I had the bright idea that I should share the pattern with you all, too. Why not? Why not, indeed.

Then it occurred to me that "Lakers" is a trademarked term. And that I don't want to get sued for trademark infringement. And that most of y'all aren't in Los Angeles, and could care less about the Lakers anyway.

OK, fine. Let's do a more general type of design, which could be adaptable to many different teams Good idea, right? Riiiiiiight.

I decided on "Go Team!" for the text. I chose yellow and purple yarns, charted the design, and set to work crocheting and cross stitching. I was able to semi-ignore the fact that the yellow and purple were looking icky together. What I couldn't ignore: At the end, I ran out of space to stitch my "G." That was most perplexing, as I thought I'd counted carefully.


So, I tried again.

I was crocheting along until my sarcastic husband asked, "Are you making a potholder, or a table cloth?" I had to admit, at more than 9 inches wide, it was quite the oversized potholder.

Fail. At that point, I admitted defeat and set the project aside. Perhaps someday I will try again... or maybe not. Sorry, Shirley. In the meanwhile, I am happy to recommend the team spirit hat pattern instead. Enjoy!


Now It's Your Turn -- Post Your Epic Crochet Fails

Have you bungled any crochet projects lately? If so, you're invited to share them! Be sure to post your lessons learned too; that will help other crocheters to learn from your mistakes.

Thanks in advance to everyone who contributes.

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