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Top 4 Books for Beginners Learning to Crochet


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Crochet Your Way
Any of the first three books listed here can help you learn how to crochet your very first stitch, along with all the other basics, as well as answer questions that all beginners have. These books also contain some wonderful patterns for beginners to enjoy crocheting. These books have tips and patterns for experienced crocheters, as well.

1) Crochet Your Way

Color illustrations for learning basics, including diagrams for left-handed crocheters, a learn-to-crochet afghan, patterns for contemporary hats and sweaters, both in written instructions and in international symbols. Over 40 projects. Answers to beginner questions. Highly recommended.
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2) Crocheting In Plain English

Black and white illustrations for learning basics, patterns that are learning lessons, patterns for plain and fancy stitches, edgings and motifs. Comprehensive chapters of answers to beginner questions. Read Review
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3) Getting Started Crochet

Along with teaching the basics, there are contemporary patterns for beginning crocheters. A beginner can start with the patterns made in single crochet, then continue with the chapters that expand into patterns using more crochet stitches and techniques.
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4) How to Crochet: The Definitive Crochet Course

A series of 10 workshops with step-by-step techniques, stitch libraries and projects.
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