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Find free patterns for crocheting triangle motifs and other triangle designs.

Crochet Triangle Patterns
These triangle patterns will help you crochet a number of different triangle-shaped projects, including triangle motifs, triangle scarves and triangle shawls. You'll find links to the free crochet patterns for triangle shapes, links to tutorials for crocheting triangles, plus information about interesting crochet books featuring triangle patterns.

Single Crochet Triangle Pattern
This little triangle has many possible uses. Try using it as an applique, or as a building block for crafting other projects.

Ideas for Using Crocheted Triangles
If you were to crochet a bunch of triangles, what would you do with them? Need some ideas? Our readers to the rescue! We've collected tons of ideas for using crocheted triangles in all kinds of different ways. You're sure to find an idea you can use.

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