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Crochet Triangle Patterns

Learn How to Crochet Triangle Motifs, Triangle Scarves and Triangle Shawls


These triangle patterns will help you crochet a number of different triangle-shaped projects, including triangle motifs, triangle scarves and triangle shawls. You'll find links to the free crochet patterns for triangle shapes, links to tutorials for crocheting triangles, plus information about interesting crochet books featuring triangle patterns.

Triangle Chart

Crochet Triangle Chart
Crochet Triangle Chart, © Amy Solovay

I designed this chart as part of a Christmas tree pattern. If you don't do any of the finishing that transforms it into a Christmas tree, it's a fantastic triangle design.

How to Crochet a Triangle Shape

Triangle Pattern
Triangle Pattern - Photo © Sandi Marshall
Sandi Marshall walks you through the process of crocheting a triangle, step-by-step.

Easy Triangle Shaped Motif

Crocheted Triangle
Crocheted Triangle - Photo and Triangle Pattern © Sandi Marshall
Here's an easy granny-style triangle pattern for you to crochet. This pattern design is by Sandi Marshall.

Connected Hearts Triangle Shawl

Triangle Shawl Pattern With Connected Hearts Design
Triangle Shawl With Connected Hearts Design - Photo and Crochet Pattern © Sandi Marshall
Sandi Marshall designed this stunning triangle shawl with connected hearts design. Both the triangle shawl pattern and connected hearts charted design are available for free on our web site.

Triangle Scarf Patterns

Triangle Scarf Pattern
Triangle Scarf Pattern - Photo © Sandi Marshall

Triangle-shaped scarves are also known as "kerchiefs". Sandi Marshall designed several lovely kerchief patterns for you to crochet:

More Triangle Patterns: Check Out the Triangle Treasury Book by Darla Sims

Crocheted Triangle Shape From the Triangle Treasury Book by Darla Sims, Published by Leisure Arts
Triangle Crocheted and Photographed by © Amy Solovay; Design is by Darla Sims

Darla Sims wrote a pattern book called Triangle Treasury: 25 Versatile Triangle Motifs Plus Innovative Projects for Inspiration. Pictured here is one of the triangles from this book. The projects included in the book are pillows, a tote bag, a scarf and a beret, all of which can be made using the triangle patterns included.

Want more info? be sure to check out my detailed book review of Triangle Treasury.

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