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How to Knit Using a Crochet Hook


Tunisian Knit Stitch -- Looks Like Stockinette Stitch in Knitting, but This Stitch Is Crocheted.

Tunisian Knit Stitch -- The Front Side of This Stitch Looks Just Like the Stockinette Stitch in Knitting, but It's Crocheted.

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Question: How to Knit Using a Crochet Hook
Mary Beth says, "I met a lady yesterday at my local yarn store. Her name is Ann (I didn't catch her last name.) Ann told me there is a way to knit using a crochet hook. She wasn't able to explain the technique to me clearly, and I would really like to know how to do this. Can you help?"

How to Knit Using a Crochet Hook

Hi Mary Beth, thanks for getting in touch. Yes, I think I can help you with this. There are a couple of different possibilities.

Perhaps Ann may have been referring to "Knooking." A "Knook" is a tool manufactured by Leisure Arts that is much like a crochet hook, but you can use it to create knitted fabrics. For more info, you can check out my product review of the Knook Beginner Set. The page also includes links to helpful resources including free Knooking tutorials and patterns.

It is also possible that perhaps Ann may have been referring to the Tunisian knit stitch. There is also a Tunisian purl stitch.

The front side of Tunisian knit stitch looks like knitting; it resembles the front side of stockinette stitch (also known as "stocking stitch".) It also has a tendency to curl up in much the same way that stockinette stitch curls.

The Tunisian knit fabric itself has similarities to knitting but is structurally different than knitting; it's similar enough that you could, indeed, refer to this technique as "knitting with a crochet hook," although knitting purists might argue the point, as might crochet purists as well.

You should be aware that, in general, you can expect the crocheted version of the knit stitch to be thicker, and to have less stretch. Individual results will vary depending on many factors.

Tunisian knit stitch is worked with a long crochet hook called an "afghan hook" or "Tunisian hook;" this type of hook resembles a knitting needle, except that it has a hook at the end instead of a point. It differs from a traditional crochet hook in that it is longer, it has a stopper at the other end, and in most instances the entire hook is shaped like a tube; there isn't usually a flat place on the hook like you might find with a regular crochet hook. The hook is designed in this way so that it will accommodate the large number of loops that you'd need to hold on the hook to work your project.

Alternatively, the Tunisian knit stitch could also be worked on a flexible crochet hook designed for this purpose.

Learn How to Work the Tunisian Knit Stitch

I've created a free tutorial for learning the Tunisian knit stitch. I hope you will find it helpful.

Learn More About Tunisian Crochet

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