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Crochet Afghan Stitch Instructions


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Crochet Afghan Stitch Examples
Afghan Stitch Examples

Afghan Stitch Examples

Photo Collage and Patterns © Amy Solovay. Click here for free afghan stitch patterns.

Introduction to Afghan Stitch:

Afghan stitch is an easy crochet stitch made using the Tunisian crochet technique. If you're not already familiar with what Tunisian crochet is, you might wish to take a look at my Tunisian crochet overview for more information.

Afghan stitch goes by a variety of different names; some people also call it "Tunisian simple stitch." You might encounter other names for it as well.

Afghan stitch is suitable for crocheting many different types of projects, including clothing, accessories, home decor, pet items, toys and more.

Afghan Hooks:

There are several different types of crochet hooks you can use for working afghan stitch. One of the most popular is a long, smooth hook, measuring at least ten inches. Typically, there is no thumb grip area on an afghan crochet hook. This type of hook is similar to a straight knitting needle, because it has the same sort of a stopper at the end.

You could also use a circular crochet hook, a double-ended crochet hook, or a hook with a flexible extention at the end. See also: crochet hooks and supplies needed for Tunisian crochet.

Afghan Stitch Project Examples:

Pictured above: Several different examples of easy crochet projects you can make using afghan stitch. Once you're finished with this tutorial, you'll be ready to crochet any of these projects, plus many others too.

Top left: Crochet an easy kitchen gift set in variegated earthtone colors. The set includes potholders and a dishcloth, both of which are worked in afghan stitch. The dishcloth also has an edging of single crochet stitch.

Top right: This is a close-up picture of the crochet stitches.

Lower left: If you've never worked afghan stitch before, this easy afghan stitch potholder is a great first project to try.

Lower right: Close-up picture of the crochet stitches in the easy potholder; I think this stitch is the perfect synthesis of pretty and utilitarian.

See Another Example: Afghan stitch crocheted using two different colors of variegated yarn

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