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Crochet Afghan Stitch Instructions


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Afghan Stitch in Progress
Afghan Stitch in Progress

Afghan Stitch in Progress

Photos © Michael Solovay

Continue this process (photos 30 and 31) until you've worked back across the entire row. At the end, you'll be left with a single loop remaining on your hook. (photo 32.)

Now it's time to start the next row.

You can think of the first stitch in your next row as being completed already. With non-Tunisian crochet, you ordinarily wouldn't count your active loop as a stitch. Here, you have to count it as the first stitch in your next row.

Next, locate the vertical bar that is directly under your crochet hook. You don't want to work into that. You want to work into the first vertical bar you see immediately next to it. If you're right-handed, that would typically be immediately to the left side of it; if you're left-handed, you'd most likely look for it on the right side, depending how you hold your work. Photo 33 shows my crochet hook pointing at the vertical bar you want to crochet into. Photo 34 shows me inserting my hook into it.

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