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Crochet Afghan Stitch Instructions


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Afghan Stitch in Progress
Afghan Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Afghan Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Photos © Michael Solovay

If you look carefully at the end of the row, you'll see that there is a vertical bar there too. (Photo 44.) My crochet hook is pointing at it in photo 45. In photo 46, I've inserted my hook into it to work it, same as I did with all the other stitches in the row. Photos 47 - 49 show me completing the stitch. From here, I'm betting you can guess what to do next. You'll repeat the same return pass demonstrated earlier in photos 22-32 on pages 6 and 7. First you chain 1 (photos 50a and 50b,) then you consolidate groups of two loops (photos 51, 52, and 53) until you only have one loop remaining on your crochet hook. Some crocheters refer to this as "working the loops off by twos," or simply "working the loops off."

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