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Valentine's Day

Find free crochet patterns for Valentine's Day.

Free Crochet Patterns for Valentine's Day

Looking for romantic crochet patterns for Valentine’s day? This collection of love-themed patterns offers a variety of possibilities. Find free patterns with hearts motifs, flowers, and sweet candy.

Some of these designs are also useful for weddings, anniversaries, and bridal showers.

Valentine’s Day Arrangement
Combine Flowers, Candy and Crochet to Make a Pretty Valentine's Day Arrangement.

Heart Applique
This little heart applique is a versatile design that you can use for embellishing Valentine projects, or projects intended for year-around use.

Free Crochet Heart Patterns
What's the perfect romantic motif to crochet for Valentine's Day? You guessed it -- a heart!

Valentine Heart Pouch
Crochet a sweet Valentine heart for your sweetheart or your friends; then fill it with treats, a love note, or anything else that would make a good gift.

Embellished Crocheted Hearts
Embellish crocheted hearts galore for Valentine's Day or any occasion! This page features an abundance of free ideas, with links to free crochet heart patterns.

Free Crochet Pattern for a Heart Motif
Hearts symbolize love; if you'd like to crochet a gift for a loved one this Valentine's Day, a heart design makes a fantastic project. Get the free pattern here, plus find interesting ideas for using the heart.

Free Printable Heart Chart for Crochet or Needlecrafts
Crochet (or craft) bunches of Valentine hearts using this free printable heart chart. You can use this chart to make many different types of projects -- afghan squares, heart shapes, and even a Valentine heart pouch.

Small Crochet Heart Applique
If you'd like to transform any ordinary object into a Valentine craft project, this small heart applique could help you accomplish the goal. Attach it to just about anything, including store-bought items.

Valentine Heart Coasters and Trivet
If you're cooking brunch, lunch or dinner for your sweetie this Valentine's Day, you can set your Valentine table with these heart-shaped coasters and trivet. How lovely! How romantic...

Ideas for Using the Free Heart Chart
Need some ideas and inspiration for using the free heart chart? Read about how other crafters have decided to use it.

Free Pattern for a Beaded Crochet Heart Shape
This heart is accented with pretty beads, and it makes a fantastic accent for Valentine's Day craft projects.

Op Art Heart Chart for Valentine's Day
If you're looking for a Valentine's Day design that isn't too froo-froo, lacy or fancy, try this design. It's a unique striped heart with a fun op art effect. This is a charted design, so you can use your creativity and adapt it to making the crochet project of your choice.

Striped Valentine Heart Potholders
Striped heart potholders are perfect for use on Valentine's Day. You'll work these potholders in rows of tapestry crochet, using a free charted design with striped heart motif.

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