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Valentine Heart Pouch


Free Crochet Pattern for a Valentine Heart Pouch
Crochet Heart Pouch

Crochet Heart Pouch

Pictures, Photo Collage and Free Crochet Pattern Are All © Amy Solovay

This heart-shaped pouch is a fun project for Valentine's Day or for anytime gift-giving. If you embellish it with red and white faux flowers, as shown, it's suggestive of Valentine's Day; you could change the heart color or the embellishments to make this design appropriate for other holidays or occasions.

If you're looking for an affordable, low-commitment Valentine gift to give to a friend or colleague, you could crochet one of these pouches and then fill it with his / her favorite wrapped candy.

I'm using my sample pouch as a holder for some of the little love notes, Valentines and gift tags my husband has given me.

Crochet Skill Level: Intermediate

Sewing Skill Level: Average / Intermediate


  • Yarn: To crochet my sample pouch, I used a worsted weight kitchen cotton in a red color that is unfortunately no longer available. However, this pattern is appropriate for use with many other different fibers; if you would like to make your heart a true red color like the sample heart is, you could crochet it using acrylic, wool, novelty yarn, or whatever else looks good. If making it in kitchen cotton, a pink heart would be nice, but any yarn color could be interesting.

  • Crochet Thread and Ribbon for Trim (Optional): If you decide to crochet your own trim, as I did, you'll need a small amount of size 10 crochet thread. I also used a small amount of narrow ribbon to make my trim. Alternately, you could use a store-bought trim or ribbon instead of hand-crocheted trim.

  • Embellishments: You can embellish your heart using faux flowers, crocheted flowers, buttons, beads, appliques, or anything else your heart desires. See some more heart embellishment ideas in this photo gallery. If you want to make your pouch washable (mine isn't!) be sure to choose washable embellishments. Aside from my scalloped trim, my embellishments are faux flowers by Petaloo and a bow with pearl accent by Offray.

  • Sewing Thread: You'll need some sort of thread for stitching your zipper to your pouch. I used size 10 crochet thread for this, although you'll probably want to use actual sewing thread instead.

  • Zipper: You'll need a six inch zipper in a color that closely matches your chosen yarn.

  • Crochet Hooks: If you're crocheting your own the trim, you will need two different crochet hooks -- one for crocheting the pouch, and one for crocheting the trim. For my trim, I used a small steel crochet hook; for the heart pieces, I used a size H / 5.0 mm aluminum crochet hook.

  • Tapestry Needle: Used for or weaving in ends

  • Lining: My pouch is not lined, but you can add a lining if you want to. If you do, you'll need some fabric for the lining. Note that my instructions below omit any lining; my crochet work is tight enough that my pouch could even serve as a change purse and I wouldn't be worried about losing any coins.

Finished Size:

At it's widest point, my finished pouch measures approximately 7.5 inches; it measures about 6.5 inches high.

Additional Pages to Print Out:

Heart Pouch Instructions:

Crochet two identical heart shapes using the free heart pattern and charts linked above.

Crochet the Scalloped Trim (Optional): Measure your heart shape in the spot where you want to attach your trim; then crochet a piece of scalloped trim measuring about an inch longer than that measurement. Mine's about six inches, but yours might need to be a different length.

Stitch the trim onto the heart, folding the extra width so that it wraps around to the back of the heart. Stitch the ends in place to secure them.

Stitch (or attach) the other embellishments onto the front of the heart.

Pin the zipper to the side of one of the heart pieces, then stitch it in place. Open the zipper. Pin the other side of the zipper to the corresponding spot on the other heart piece; open the zipper if necessary, and stitch it in place. Zip the zipper. Sew around the outside of the heart to create the pouch. I used whip stitch to do this, but if you have a preferred stitch for this sort of thing, feel free to use it.

I recommend adding a bit of extra stitching / reinforcement at each end of the zipper, where the pouch may encounter extra stress when in use.

The pouch is now ready for use; you can put goodies in it if desired. I hope you, or the recipient, will enjoy it!

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