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Stripes and Bars No Weaving Ends Scarf


No Weaving Ends Scarf
Stripes and Bars No Weaving Ends Scarf
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Free Pattern For This Scarf

Details about the scarf:
This scarf is worked in long rows. A length for fringe is left at the beginning and end of the rows, so there is no weaving in of ends in this pattern! Extra fringe can be added to the finished scarf. You will be working with only one color at a time, in each row, yet long stitches give the illusion of more than one color in some of the rows. The design of solid stitches makes it a warm scarf (there are no openwork holes in this scarf, when completed). It can be made in a super long length, so it can be wrapped around the neck several times for extra warmth.

This pattern can be a good one to use when crocheting scarves for charity when the recipients live in an area where they experience harsh, cold winter temperatures. I designed this scarf with that in mind, using stitches that give warmth, yet have an interesting design that can be enjoyed by the person who receives it.

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