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Simple Fingerless Gloves

Crocheted in Paton's Classic Wool Yarn


Simple Fingerless Gloves Crocheted in Paton's Wool Yarn

Simple Fingerless Gloves Crocheted in Paton's Wool Yarn

Photo © Michael Solovay

I spend a lot of time aboard a sailboat. When I'm sailing, I need to be able to use my hands; mittens and gloves just don't work for me when we're underway. Yet at the same time, when we're offshore, it's often cold and windy; I don't enjoy freezing, either.

Fingerless gloves are the perfect solution. They allow me to keep warm, yet I'm also able to use my radio, punch the buttons on my GPS, steer, and whatever else I need to do easily.

Let's talk about fibers. For sailors, wool has a proven history of being an all-around great fiber. I don't think it's any mystery why fisherman's knits were traditionally made out of wool yarn. Wool retains its warmth even when wet; that's especially important for fishermen, and for me as well. My sailboat has a low freeboard, which means that I'm really close to the ocean and likely to get splashed by freezing cold salt water now and then.

I've crocheted several different versions of the fingerless gloves you see pictured above. The photo on this page shows the gloves made up in Paton's classic wool yarn. I like this pattern best when it's crocheted in wool, although it's OK in acrylic too.

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