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Fingerless Gloves and Headband

Crocheted in Black Patons Classic Wool Yarn


Simple Crocheted Headband and Fingerless Gloves

Simple Crocheted Headband and Fingerless Gloves

Photos © Michael Solovay

These projects -- simple crocheted headband and fingerless gloves -- are easy (and quick!) to crochet.

The photos above show these projects crocheted in the black color of Paton's classic wool yarn.

Please note that, while these are beginner-friendly patterns, I do not recommend that total beginners crochet with black yarns, or for that matter, any very dark colored yarns. Why not? It's because it's more difficult to see your stitches when you crochet with dark yarns. Light or bright colors are much easier to see, and they also make for a less frustrating experience when you are learning. After you've really got the hang of crocheting, and you're thoroughly comfortable with recognizing and forming your stitches, then go ahead and try crocheting with some darker colored yarns if you want to.

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Upper Photo: I crocheted this set to give as a gift to a friend. Here you see the fingerless gloves and headband tied with a bit of pretty ribbon, all set for gift-giving.

Lower Photo: Another shot of the fingerless gloves and headband.

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I crocheted another pair of these gloves in red wool yarn. See a picture: simple fingerless gloves crocheted in red wool.

I've posted quite a few other pictures of this set crocheted in various other fibers and yarns. Click here to see more photos in this image gallery.

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