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Women's Clothing Patterns

Free Crochet Patterns for Women's Clothing -- Sweaters, Shawls and More


Dress yourself up in gorgeous crocheted clothing -- sweaters, shaws, wraps, scarves, and other delightful crocheted luxuries.

Shawls, Wraps and Capes

Feminine Lace Stole
Feminine Lace Stole -- Photo © Rick Jackofsky

What could be more feminine than a gorgeous crocheted shawl?

Pictured here: Erica Jackofsky's easy lace stole features delicate beaded edges and plenty of flair.

Scarf Patterns

Lacy Striped Women's Scarf
Lacy Striped Women's Scarf -- Photo © Amy Solovay

Some of our most popular free crochet patterns are scarves. I don't think there can be any doubt why that is; scarves make reasonably quick projects, and they're easy to make because there are rarely any fitting issues with them. Best of all, they are both fashionable and practical, and they work well into any lady's wardrobe.

Pictured here: A lacy striped women's scarf.  You can click here to see a close-up scarf photo if you'd like more details; otherwise, please be sure to visit our main directory of crochet scarf patterns to see more options for different scarf designs.

Free Crochet Skirt Patterns

You can crochet skirts in a wide range of styles and lengths. The skirts linked here go from casual to ultra-dressy and elegant, and from super short to long and lovely.

Women's Crocheted Sweater Patterns

If you'd like to crochet a pretty vintage-style sweater, check out the following patterns.

Vintage Women's Crocheted Yoke Patterns

Vintage Crocheted Butterfly Yoke in Filet Crochet
Vintage Butterfly Yoke in Filet Crochet -- Photo © 1920 Adeline Cordet / Valley Supply Co.

In times past, nightgown yokes were popular crochet projects. These days, contemporary crocheters are using vintage yoke patterns to make all kinds of interesting garments, not necessarily limited to nightgowns any more.

Miscellaneous Women's Clothing Patterns

There are so many incredible options for crocheting women's clothing. The following links give you even more ideas, from vintage collars to contemporary tops and skirts.

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