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Crocheting With Cotton


Cotton is a delightful fiber to crochet with; it's soft to the touch, pleasant to look at, useful, and durable.

Cotton is affordable and widely available. It comes in a wide variety of weights, colors, brands, and finishes; it's available shiny or matte, smooth or textured. You can buy either yarn or thread made of cotton.

Cotton yarn may take some getting used to if you usually crochet with other fibers such as wool or acrylic. You're likely to notice that cotton is inelastic in comparison to many of the other popular fibers.

Projects You Can Crochet Using Cotton:

You can use cotton for making a wide variety of different projects. My favorites are flowers, potholders, dishcloths and kitchen projects, but you can also make cotton clothing, accessories and other things too.

If cotton has a downside, it's that it tends to be heavy. That wouldn't be a problem, except that crochet work tends to be dense and use lots of yarn; when you put those three factors together, it can result in projects that are weightier than is ideal. So you might not want to make large projects using worsted weight or bulky weight cotton. I wouldn't recommend a worsted weight cotton afghan, for example; in my opinion, it would be preferable to make a lighter weight cotton bedspread using crochet thread.

I once crocheted a long cotton scarf using a medium-weight yarn; the scarf turned out so heavy that I unraveled it. Which isn't to say that you can't crochet scarves out of cotton -- you certainly can! In fact, several of my favorite scarves are cotton. In my opinion, cotton is best used for crocheting scarves that are either short, lacy, or made with crochet thread. Be sure to check out our free cotton scarf patterns to see some nice examples.

If you're willing to work with crochet thread or fine-weight yarns, your possibilities expand greatly. Now we're talking doilies, dainty edgings for linens, and even jewelry. (See this crochet flower necklace for one notable example.)

Learn More About Crocheting With Cotton:

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