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Knitpicks Simply Cotton Worsted Yarn

100% Organic Cotton Yarn

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Simply Cotton Worsted Weight Yarn by Knitpics -- A 100% Organic Cotton Yarn

Simply Cotton Worsted Weight Yarn by Knitpics -- A 100% Organic Cotton Yarn

Photo © Amy Solovay

"Simply Cotton Worsted" is a 100% organic cotton yarn manufactured by Knitpicks. This is, obviously, a worsted weight yarn; Simply Cotton is also available in a sport weight yarn.

It's exciting to think about all the design possibilities you have at your fingertips with two different yarn weights available. If you like making coordinating sets of items and you need worsted weight yarns for some of the items and sport weight yarns for the others, this yarn is an outstanding choice for that.

Product Specifications

Price I Paid for the Yarn: $4.99 and $5.99 US Dollars (There are two different prices; the higher price is for the dyed yarn colors and the lower price is for the natural colors.)

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price for the Yarn: This is the same price I paid; Knitpicks is actually both the manufacturer and the retailer.

Fiber Content: 100% organic cotton

Suggested Crochet Hook Size: I - K hooks (5.5 mm-6.5 mm)

Suggested Gauge for Crochet: 11–14 sc = 4'' on I - K hooks (5.5 mm-6.5 mm)

Suggested Knitting Needle Size: #7-8 needles (4.5mm - 5.0mm)

Suggested Gauge for Knitting: 4.5 sts = 1" on #7-8 needles (4.5mm - 5.0mm)

Care Instructions: Unlike some of the other organic cotton yarns I've seen for sale, this yarn can be machine washed and tumble dried. WOOHOO! That makes it a great choice for all kinds of things ranging from kitchen projects to baby items and kids' clothes.

Yarn Quality:

I've been very pleased with the quality of Simply Cotton yarn. So far, I've used five different balls of it, and I've only found one flaw between all five. That's outstanding.

Yarn Softness:

Simply Cotton yarn is incredibly soft. It's delightful to touch, and lovely to work with.

Simply Cotton's Color Palette

This yarn used to come in a nice variety of heathered and natural colors; unfortunately the colors have been discontinued. Last time I checked, the natural / undyed color was the only one available.

Where to Buy Simply Cotton Worsted

I purchased this yarn at knitpicks.com. You can click here to see the product listing at the manufacturer's website.

Free Crochet Patterns for Using This Yarn

Potholders Crocheted Using Knitpicks Simply Cotton Yarn

Potholders Crocheted Using Knitpicks Simply Cotton Yarn

Photo © 2012 Amy Solovay.

If you have Simply Cotton Worsted in your yarn stash, or you're planning to buy some, please check out the following projects you can crochet using this yarn.

References and External Links

I consulted to following resources when writing this yarn review:

  • First and foremost, I evaluated this yarn using my own personal experience when crocheting with it. I do actually have the yarn in hand. I've used it to crochet several different projects, including the potholder you see pictured and others.

    I am both a crocheter and a knitter. It is my hope that my reviews will be helpful to both groups of crafters, but since this is a crochet website, I write my yarn reviews primarily with crocheters' interests in mind.

  • I looked at the yarn label to find the yarn's product specifications.

  • I checked out the manufacturer's website to find the most current information available about the yarn's color palette and other details.

  • I consulted the Craft Yarn Council's website for yarn weight information.

Date This Product Review Was Written: April 14, 2012. Page updated 11/12/2013.

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