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Lion Brand Baby’s First Yarn

An Easy Care Cotton Acrylic Blend Yarn for Babies

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Baby's First Yarn

Baby's First yarn skein shown in color "Sea Sprite" on top of crochet piece in color "Pixie Dust."

© Erica Jackofsky

Baby’s First is a bulky weight cotton/acrylic blend yarn from Lion Brand. It’s marketed specifically for crochet and knit baby items, however, it will work fabulously for accessories and garments for the whole family.

The following review of this yarn is based on my opinion working with Baby's First as both a knitter and crocheter.

Yarn Specs

  • Name: Lion Bran Yarn, Baby’s First
  • Fiber Content: 55% acrylic / 45% cotton
  • Yarn Weight: Heavy / Bulky
  • Skein Weight: 3.5 ounces / 100 grams
  • Yardage: 120 yards (110 meters)
  • Suggested Crochet Hook: K / 10.5 (6.5mm)
  • Care Instructions: Machine washable and dryable
  • Where to Buy: Baby’s First can be easily found at large craft stores such as Michaels. It’s also available directly from the manufacturer.

The Good

crochet baby hat

An easy baby hat worked from Baby's First yarn. Design is from the How to Crochet a Baby Hat pattern recipe.

Photo and Pattern © Erica Jackofsky

My first project with this yarn was a baby hat for the How to Crochet a Baby Hat page. A short way into the pattern I thought, I want to make myself something in this yarn! It’s incredibly soft and squishy and feels great against bare skin.

Another huge plus for Baby’s First is the easy-care factor. It’s a completely machine washable and dryable yarn. This is a necessity when making items for babies and kids, and a nice bonus for the rest of us. Machine washability is also an important factor to consider whenever you make an item as a gift. Non-yarncrafters may not know the ins and outs of caring for an array of fibers, which makes Baby’s First a good choice for gift items.

The 55% acrylic and 45% cotton blend of Baby’s First makes working with the yarn quite pleasurable. 100% cottons have no natural elasticity and are hard on your hands over time. Having acrylic content in this yarn adds stretch, making it easier to work with and more appropriate for items such as hats. Cotton makes the yarn light while acrylic extends its usefulness.

The Bad

The only truly negative thing I have to say about this yarn is that it can be somewhat splitty. If left for too long the ends become tassel-like fringes clearly displaying Baby’s First 10-ply construction. As you work, you might notice the yarn coming slightly unspun. For crocheting this will prove less of a problem than for knitting. A crochet hook can easily catch all the plies and pull them through the stitch together. A sharp knitting needle, on the other hand, has more chance of accidentally stabbing through the plies. All this being said, would the splitting keep me from using the yarn? No. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for a brand new knitter or crocheter.

The Neutral

The colors offered in this yarn line are fairly standard baby tones. Good? Bad? This is really a personal opinion area. I’m not fond of classic baby colors and feel like baby yarns shouldn’t always be restricted to them. (What’s wrong with richly colored baby items?) However, if you like the traditional pinks and blues then you won’t have a problem.

Working With Baby’s First Yarn

Cat Face Baby Hat

The Cat's Meow crocheted baby hat pattern worked in Baby's First yarn.

Get the free cat hat pattern - Photo and Pattern © Erica Jackofsky

When knitting or crocheting with this yarn you’ll want to keep your stitches simple. Stitch definition is fair, but not good enough to spend a lot of time on intricate patterning.

Baby’s First yarn is best used for quick comfort projects. Simple hats and garments, slippers, and afghans are all good project choices for this yarn

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