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Reader Reviews : Yarns We Hate -- Worst Crochet Yarns

User Rating 1.5 Star Rating (38 Reviews)


We invited crocheters to review the yarns they hate crocheting with. If you want to find out which yarns they recommend avoiding, read on.

Paul's Review of Red Heart Boutique Sashay

I've had many rolls that were split like that, some were knotted and some were just there, it's frustrating. I do like using the sashay yarn it is really fun to work with, excepting of coarse, that n…More

Geri's Review of Caron Simply Soft Yarn

It is amazing that this yarn can feel so incredibly soft and squishy in the skein but lose that after working up a few rows. It's not horrible, mind you, but it is disappointing. The colors are fanta…More

Anita's Review of Caron Simply Soft Yarn

Crochet is my hobby, and I try to make baby afghans for the new moms I know. I picked up several skeins of Caron Simply Soft for this purpose, it feels so nice in the skein. I will never buy it agai…More

Roowhite's Review of Lion Brand Homespun Yarn

I totally agree with Valerie about this yarn. I bought several skeins to crochet afghans for my two daughters. I chose a pattern where I do an 8" square design and then assemble. What a disaster!If n…More

Erin's Review of Craft Smart Yarn

I didn't like this yarn. It was purchased because my boyfriends sister wanted a hat made out of this specific color. Working with the yarn wasn't terrible, but it felt disgusting to the touch. I don'…More

Jana's Review of Caron Yarn

Awful yarn. Purchased in a few different colors. Will never purchase again. Not as soft as cotton and the ply becomes untwisted no matter what type of hook I use. They certainly have beautiful colors…More

Jean's Review of Sashay Ribbon Yarn

Sashay ribbon yarn is the worst, only when you are halfway crocheting a scarf do you run into knots and rips in the yarn. The finish product is inferior. It can't be given as a gift or sold if one is…More

Ina's Review of Sashay Yarn

I agree with the previous review. I love making the ruffle scarfs, I knit the onesthat I make. You never know the how the yarn will make up. Some make up tight and the scarf is too short, Some make u…More

Mary Ann's Review of Red Heart Sashay Yarn

I have the same problem. One skein had 3 large holes in it and was sewn together in one spot. Red heart replaced it but I got another one with the same problems. Won't buy it anymore. It is too hard …More

Kathy's Review of BoutiQue Sashay Yarn

Like many of the other comments I too have made several frilly scarfs. I have been one third or half finished with a scarf only to hit a spot that has been cut and tied making a large knot. After cut…More

Bobbie's Review of Red Heart Sashay Yarns

A little over a year ago, I crocheted my first ruffle scarf using Boutique Sashay yarn (had a very thin silver thread woven through one edge). The yarn was easy to work and made a scarf 6' 26" long. …More

Angela Reviews Red Heart Team Spirit Yarn

This yarn is beyond horrible. It splits with every stitch I crochet. It knots up easily. I am contemplating just scrapping my whole project. It was supposed to be a baby blanket for my 5 month old ne…More

Judith's Review of Sashay Sequins and Sashay Metallic

I have purchased 4 skeins and 3 of them I got part way through making scarves to find the yarn spliced together so poorly that I had to cut it out and put it back together myself. The fourth skein h…More

Juli's Review of Lion Brand Homespun Yarn

I dislike crocheting with Lion Brand Homespun because it splits so bad. I will knit with it but I won't crochet with it. Come to think of it, I have the same problem with all boucle yarns. It is wors…More

Miranda's Review of Red Heart Yarns

I have been crafting with yarn for 8 years now and within the past 3 years the RedHeart product has gone downhill with multiple breaks within the ball - I have found this to be true of a variety of t…More

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