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Reader Reviews : Yarns We Hate -- Worst Crochet Yarns

User Rating 1.5 Star Rating (16 Reviews)


We invited crocheters to review the yarns they hate crocheting with. If you want to find out which yarns they recommend avoiding, read on.

KawaiiCrochet Reviews Bernat Pipsqueak Yarn

Bernat Pipsqueak is soft, however pieces of it fall of as you crochet and its hard to see where the stiches are. You have to constantly stop and feel for the stitches--I'd rather work with a more vis…More

Lynne's Review of Lion Brand Homespun Yarn

I belong to a group that knits prayer shawls and lap blankets. Homespun is often used, but I don't like it. It's very hard to knit and splits easily. It can't be used as fringe for the shawls because…More

Anna's Opinion on Crocheting With Mohair or Bamboo

The reason I dislike working with mohair types is they are terrible to frog if you've made a mistake and have to go back. The little bits of yarn make knots, then you have to peel them apart, or even…More

Pixie's Opinion of Fun Fur and Eyelash Yarns

I hate the stuff!!! I like the way it looks but really hate it and will not crochet with it!! If you get a knot in it you might as well cut your yarn because there is no getting the knot out! And it …More

A Crocheter's Opinion of Aunt Lydia's Quick Crochet Denim Yarn

Your question could not have been timelier. I bought 8, 400 yard balls of Aunt Lidia’s “Denim” Quick Crochet yarn, it is somewhere between sport and worsted weight, 75% cotton, 25% …More

Madelyn's Review of Coats and Clark Crochet Thread

This brand is of very poor quality !! I have had so many problems such as knots, three strands all separated, sometimes there is only one strand. I am so upset that I have thrown it all out. I love t…More

Bgsluis Reviews Caron Simply Soft Yarn

Although I love the feel of this yarn, it drives me crazy because it doesn't "keep it's twist" when crocheting, splitting itself like the proverbial hair. I really have to keep an eye on the yarn as …More

Shirl's Review of Lion Brand Homespun Yarn

I've worked with it and I've known other people who have worked with it. I know some people swear by it. I personally DO NOT like it. That is Lion Brand Homespun. It "unravels" while you're working w…More

Crocheting With Dark Colored Yarns

My sight is not what it used to be, so when i started a table runner for someone who wanted it done up in black..I absolutely hate it! It seems I've been working on it forever and can't wait to be do…More

A Crocheter's Opinion of Eyelash Yarns

I like eyelash yarn, I really do, and I find it easy to knit with (unless I make a mistake and have to frog it) but I just can't crochet with it. I can't find the stitches! Is there an easy solution …More

A Crocheter's Opinion of Mohair Yarns

I abhor mohair yarns especially when they are very fine or thin. If I made a mistake and had to unravel it was hard to do so. Too many times I had pulled the yarn too hard which broke it off. Never a…More

Nanagoble's Review of Red Heart Super Saver Yarn

Yarn is stiff and scratchy. Items made with this yarn catch and hold lint terribly, not to mention pet hair if you have a pet in your home. If you must use this yarn, do not use with your more expens…More

Patty's Advice on Crocheting With Boucle and Variegated Yarns

Pro is that it's great for knitting but it really is a hassle to crochet with. YES it can be done but your hook gets stuck in the yarn a lot and when you have a stitch that you've memorized and can c…More

Irishlacecat's Review of Red Heart Super Saver Yarn

Feels nasty - stiff like dried weeds. Splits badly. Wouldn't use for anything. It's CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!! I dropped out of a motif exchange some years ago because that's all the people used. What crap!…More

Suzanne's Review of Lion Brand Polar Spun Yarn

I tried and I tried. This yarn doesn't want to slide against itself. It might work for knitting, but it did not work for crocheting. I even tried to use a large hook thinking: "Larger holes, more roo…More

Beulah's Review of Red Heart Super Saver Yarn

It is the only yarn available here in my town and since i do not drive must use it, but it splits very easy and seems to have several knots in a skein.If I could get to a bigger city I sure would, I …More

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