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Patty's Advice on Crocheting With Boucle and Variegated Yarns

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By CrochetPatty

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Boucle and Varigated Yarn

My Review 

Pro is that it's great for knitting but it really is a hassle to crochet with. YES it can be done but your hook gets stuck in the yarn a lot and when you have a stitch that you've memorized and can crochet while watching tv you really miss most of the movie with boucle yarn. Besides that it doesn't look as nice when it's crocheted as it does when it's knitted.

And stay away from the variated yarn of any type when you are trying to teach somebody else to crochet because they won't be able to "see" where to insert the hook.

Actually I'm still out on varigated yarn... I love the colors and yet it seems that this is also something that usually turns out nicer when it's knit rather than crocheted. That's MY catch 22 because I love the colors but prefer crocheting over knitting. After 40 years of crocheting I still fall into the varigated yarn and crocheting trap!

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Amy Solovay, About.com Crochet, says:

Patty raises good points on both counts. Boucle yarns and variegated yarns look tempting on the store shelves, but they don't always translate into beautiful crochet projects. Some do and some don't. It all just depends. Some of my ugliest crochet projects were made with variegated yarns, but I've made some successful variegated projects too.

One suggestion for variegated yarns: If you start with a pattern you like that specifies variegated yarn, you can at least get a good idea of what you'll end up with. Check out these variegated crochet projects for some ideas.

Also, be aware that color flashing and color pooling are going to be issues for many projects made using variegated yarns, whether knitted or crocheted.

You might also want to add eyelash yarns to your list of yarns to avoid if you want to crochet while you're watching TV.

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