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Reader Stories: Craft Bloggers Discuss Blogging About Crochet


Some people are so passionate about crochet that, not only do they spend a lot of time crocheting, they blog about it as well. Craft bloggers often share crochet project photos, free crochet patterns, crochet stitches they've discovered, and more.

Some craft bloggers make money by blogging about crochet; others are in it solely for the satisfaction of sharing their craft with other crochet enthusiasts.

Learn about the varied approaches other craft bloggers take when blogging about crochet, and read tips and advice for starting a crochet blog or improving the crochet blog you've already started.

Gwen Blakley Kinsler -- The Crochet Queen's Blog

I am the Founder of the Crochet Guild of America. Crochet is my life and I try to relate crochet to everything I blog about, i.e. Crochet and Our Health, My Needlework Legacy; Re-Tool to be Cool; Cro…More

The Textile Design Blog, Covering Crochet Design and More

We blog about all aspects of textile design, including crochet design.We also feature posts about crochet tutorials, and posts about crochet patterns, as well as posts about textile history, design i…More

The Free Crochet and Knitting Blog

Free knitting and crochet patternsCrochet and knitting stitchesCrochet-alongsKnit-alongsChallengesCrochet instructions and tutorialsKnitting instructions and tutorialsDesign inspirationColor inspirat…More

A Blog About Free Crafts and Free Crochet Patterns

We post all of the following:Free crochet patterns and instructionsHoliday craft patternsFree beadwork patterns and instructionsFree scrabooking ideasRubber stamping ideasCollageKids' craftsCard maki…More

Eileen's Blog, the Crochet Attic

My adventures with yarns, colors, patterns, hooks, and all things crochet!Different Projects I am working on and the challenges with new patterns and trying new things such as Tunisian Crochet! New p…More

Anna's Blog, Crochet on a Train

I post all my project photos as well as free patterns I have created and those I have used. I also include links to my shop where I sell patterns. I blog not only about crochet but also about what I …More

Ann's Lovely Blog About Thread Crochet

Irish Crochet Beginner's Tutorial, How to Filet Crochet, Modern Interpretation of Vintage Crochet, Heirloom Lace, How to Embellish Crochet, Assemblage Crochet Examples and Tutorial, Several patterns …More

Matt Discusses Blogging About Crochet

Although my wife laughed at me when I made this statement, I decided to start blogging because I have a unique perspective - a voice that I want heard in the world of crochet!I learned to crochet fro…More

Lorene's Crochet Blog, Cre8tion Crochet

Free crochet patterns. Crochet Tips and Tricks. Blogging information. Owning your own crochet business. Selling your crochet items. Some of the patterns I offer are hats, both adult, toddler and chil…More

Shawna's Crochet Blog

Crochet Blog with Free Patterns, Graphic Freebies, Shop Additions, WIPS, Sharing Treasuries, Wallpapers, Learning Tools, & More. Beautiful crochet pictures, lots of inspiration, and crochet advice.Th…More

Marissa's Crochet Blog

Blog about my projects - crochet and knit WIPs, the yarn, the adventure of creating something from string and hooks and needles. There's photos of the projects and pattern links. Sometimes I just var…More

Maria's Crochet Blog

I started crocheting when i was twelve years old and did lots of crochet till i got my first baby and it went off board for nearly fifteen years and i restarted it a few years ago and decided to have…More

Iulia's Crochet and Craft Blog

I blog about my experiences as a beginner in the art of crochet. I share my projects and patterns. I've started to blog because of a need to share my passions with other people and to get some help i…More

Jocelyn's Crochet Blog

I blog about projects that I'm working on and completed. I also share a ton of free patterns, some of my own and some I have shared the links to. I enjoy making blankets, scarves, baby things, purses…More

Stephanie's Crochet and Knitting Blog

I blog things that I've knitted and crocheted that I'm proud of (and even things I'm not so proud of). I also like to tell stories and occasionally write down patterns. I crochet almost everyday and …More

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