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Reader Stories: Craft Bloggers Discuss Blogging About Crochet


Some people are so passionate about crochet that, not only do they spend a lot of time crocheting, they blog about it as well. Craft bloggers often share crochet project photos, free crochet patterns, crochet stitches they've discovered, and more.

Some craft bloggers make money by blogging about crochet; others are in it solely for the satisfaction of sharing their craft with other crochet enthusiasts.

Learn about the varied approaches other craft bloggers take when blogging about crochet, and read tips and advice for starting a crochet blog or improving the crochet blog you've already started.

Gwen Blakley Kinsler -- The Crochet Queen's Blog

I am the Founder of the Crochet Guild of America. Crochet is my life and I try to relate crochet to everything I blog about, i.e. Crochet and Our Health, My Needlework Legacy; Re-Tool to be Cool; Cro…More

Tammy's Crochet Blog

I blog about crochet and the items that I make and sell. I began crocheting about 20 years ago and I recently started pouring my heart into it and using it to supplement my income. It has been a very…More

GMaEllen's Crochet Blog

I blog predominantly about crochet. Most times about projects that I have completed recently or in the past several years. Beginning from the time I started documenting with my camera. Some in progre…More

Anastacia's Crochet and Knitting Pattern Blog

I mainly blog about my crocheting & my crochet designs, including free patterns. I post regular updates on my WIPS & FOs, share book & yarn reviews occasionally, do crochet roundup posts (interesting…More

Louie Discusses Blogging About Crochet

Mostly about what ever I make or see that either I find interesting, or that I think other people would haha. I like to post patterns of things that aren't usually seen crocheted, or maybe that I cou…More

Boocoos Crochet Blog

My blog offers lots of pictures and ideas. I post free patterns from all over the place and my adaptations, plus my own designs. Crochet is my passion and I try to make that point to all readers. The…More

Dennis and Matt's Crochet and Craft Blog

Two guys blogging about their adventures through all things yarn! Mainly crochet, and sometimes a little sneaky knitting or other craft! Occasionally we also come up with our own patterns that we pos…More

Learn About the Hookworks Crochet Blog

I blogged on crochet projects such as shoulder bags, handbags, backpack,summer and winter hats, kiddie sets, infants and baby sets, decors, hair accessories, booties, wallets and purses, souvenirs an…More

Learn About the Handgathered Blog

I blog mostly about things I make. I post all the pics of my work. I'm a new blogger and welcome anyone to visit. I love lace, vintage and new crocheted by me and others.My tastes tend to run to vint…More

Discover the Mooglyblog, Covering Crochet and Knitting

moogly features free original crochet and knit patterns, project photos, video tutorials, and more! Our fast growing site caters to knitters, crocheters, and there is ordering information for those w…More

Learn About the BinduDesigns Blog

I blog about crochet projects I am working on. Also, add pictures of things added to my Etsy shop. Sometimes I add a free pattern. The patterns will be with lots of pictures. I am planning to write m…More

Carol Butler's Crochet Blog

I make and sell crochet clothing which I have done for the last 10 or more years. I had two craft shops selling mine and other peoples crafts in East Sussex. We grew popular and received a certificat…More

Chasing Yarn: Jeanne's Crochet Blog

I have been making and gifting crochet items for years, particularly crochet hats. In this blog, I share my own designs and projects. Most of my hats in the archive are patterns made from inspiration…More

The Number19 Crochet and Knitting Blog

On my blog you find a mix of my free crochet and knitting patterns and projects made from other people's patterns. I love to find vintage books on Ebay, display photos of them and write reviews of th…More

Kathryn's Blog -- Crochet Concupiscence

I blog about all things crochet using a weekly posting schedule as follows:Mondays: feature article on a crochet artist, news from "my crochet corner"Tuesdays: crochet book reviewWednesdays: photos o…More

Home of a Lonely Woman Blog -- Crochet and Family

A large part of my blog is about crocheting. I also have included family type things. Basically it has a eclectic assortment of things. I previously have blogged on history trivia and my chihuahuas--…More

Crochet Dreamz Blog

I share crochet techniques, crochet tips , free crochet patterns as well as some patterns for sale. My patterns are mostly of baby booties and I plan to extend that to other baby items as well.My bl…More

Carlinda's Crochet Blog, the Hook Hound

A crochet only blog, featuring free original patterns and photo tutorials as well as The Hook Hounds original patterns for purchase.There are some great posts on how to crochet frugally. Including a …More

Dsavoie's Blog - Gluten Intolerant Crocheting

All things crochet and a side story on gluten intolerance. A new idea. The blog is a weekly, or daily or monthly thing. It is two subjects intertwined into one but aren't in the way of each other. Pi…More

DSavoie's Blog About Crochet and Knitting

Promotion of the craft of crocheting. Ideas for gifts and pictures of finished items.The items are varied. The items have all been made by hand. Each item has a picture.Each post offers insight into …More

Bender Oak Gifts Blog About Crochet, Knitting and Crafts

I like to blog about Crochet, Yarn, Learning to Knit, dyeing yarn, designs, my dog Bender Oak Cannon, DIY, Crafting, Card making, Vintage items, Antiques, Retro Love, Road Trips and Traveling. My blo…More

Cathina's Blog About Crochet and Christian Living

I enjoy blogging about crochet and featuring the designs I have created...I am fairly new to crocheting and I blog about my journey...I also share devotions to encourage and uplift hearts, especially…More

Ccremo's Portuguese-Language Crochet Blog

I blog about crochet : all my projects, free patterns, photos, step-by-step works, experiences with yarns, hooks. I like irish crochet, tunisian crochet, hairspin crochet, lace crochet and now, I beg…More

CrochetDad Discusses Blogging About Crochet

I blog mostly about my crochet projects, but occasionally just what's happening with me or my family. I'll post a crochet-related tutorial now and then when I feel I have something to share with the …More

Nina's Crochet Blog -- Ninasatmyhouse

I have a crochet/knitting list on yahoo (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Atmyhouse) that I started over ten years ago. So one day, I decided to share some of my patterns with others so the blog was bor…More

Cheryl Martin's Crochet Blog

I post about my crochet projects as well as my adventures in finding legitimate work from home. A reader may want to read my blog because of some of the items that I have made as well as just general…More

Crocheting Scarves for the Special Olympics

Making Scarves for Special Olympics. Special Olympics Washington State 2011 Winter Games. Scarves need to be approximately 5" wide by 55" long. The colors are Red Heart Super Saver Cherry Red and Whi…More

Melissa's Crochet Blog

I mainly blog about my crochet. I sometimes throw in some stuff about my home and family. :) I post a lot of pictures of the projects I am working on and try and tell people about the projects. I do…More

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