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Anastacia's Crochet and Knitting Pattern Blog

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By anastacia

Anastacia's Crochet and Knitting Pattern Blog

What Do You Blog About?

I mainly blog about my crocheting & my crochet designs, including free patterns. I post regular updates on my WIPS & FOs, share book & yarn reviews occasionally, do crochet roundup posts (interesting blog posts, etsy finds, pinterest photos, etc.), & a regular feature is "vintage finds" - covers of old knit & crochet magazines & books, sometimes vintage craft kits / tools, etc.


  • I think GREAT, clear photos, without a cluttered background, is the single most important thing one can do for improving your blog & gaining new, regular visitors. Everyone is SO busy, we pick how to spend our free time wisely, & no one is going to follow a blog with grainy, dark, blurry photos - if we can't see how amazing your work is, then it's not "real"

Why Do You Blog? What Motivates You? (Optional)

I started blogging to keep track of what I was making & to hold me accountable. Now, it's turned into a creative outlet for me, a way to share with others what's cool, interesting, & new out there in craft land

Do You Earn Money From Your Blog? If So, How?(Optional)

indirectly - I do sell patterns from my website & have a google ad, which has generated me exactly $6 in revenue over the past year!

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