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Share Your Story: Craft Bloggers Discuss Blogging About Crochet

By Patrice Walker

What Do You Blog About?

I started blogging about crochet around 2004. Back then, it was what I would call a "hobby blog." So I blogged mainly about the crochet projects I was currently working on and included photos of the projects at various stages of completion.

As time has progressed, I've added blog posts about crochet in the news, crochet and knitting charities, special techniques like freeform crochet, and tutorials. I have both free patterns and patterns for sale on the blog.

I'm currently working on re-purposing my blog so that it can serve as a clearinghouse of information on all things crochet.


  • If you're thinking about starting a crochet blog, do as much planning up front as you can before you begin posting. Will you focus on a niche within crochet (e.g., amigurumi, freeform crochet) or take a more general approach? Who will your audience be? Do you plan to monetize your blog and earn some income from it? The clearer you are up front about your blog's purpose, the easier it will be to design the various elements and pages and to know what you're going to write about. And with any kind of craft blog, photos are essential, so it's a good idea to learn how to take great photos.

Why Do You Blog? What Motivates You? (Optional)

I love to write and I love to crochet, so a crochet blog made perfect sense to me. Now that I know I can also earn money as a blogger, I've finally found a "job" that I actually love. So it's easy to get up in the morning and "go to work."

Do You Earn Money From Your Blog? If So, How?(Optional)

I am slowly monetizing my blog. At first, I had Google ads on it, but unless you have A LOT of traffic, it's hard to earn a decent amount of money from them. Currently, I have patterns of my own crochet designs for sale through Amazon's Kindle store and also earn through several affiliate programs.

Which Crochet Blogs Do You Read Regularly? (Optional)

I read the blogs of Sara Duggin, aka Mom With a Hook, who writes volumes about crochet as a business (http://crochetbusinessblog.blogspot.com/). I also check out Rhelena's Crochet 'N Crafts blog (http://crochetncrafts.com/) for the great free patterns she offers.

Amy Solovay, About.com Crochet, says:

To Patrice: Thanks for sharing your fabulous blog with us! And thanks for mentioning all those wonderful tips and resources; I'm sure other readers will find this information helpful.

To Everyone: When you are finished checking out Patrice's blog, be sure to check back here for more interesting crochet blogs. You're invited to share your crochet blogs too!

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