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Heart-Shaped Crocheted Dishcloth With Scrubbie Cheri Diederich

Submit an Entry: Crocheted Heart Challenge

By Cheri Diederich

Heart-Shaped Crocheted Dishcloth With Scrubbie Cheri Diederich

Cheri Diederich's Heart-Shaped Crochet Dishcloth With Built-In Scrubbie

What Did You Make?

Crocheted, Heart Dish Cloth with "built in scrubbie" My friend "inspired" me when she told me she makes cotton dishcloths - and her daughter takes them because she likes them so much. Since I cannot get everything done for Christmas that I want, last year I made some heart shaped dishcloths and potholders for family and friends. This year, I decided to try to put a "scrubbie" in the middle and make the heart shape from there. Each time I make one, I "tweek" the pattern a little. Think this is my best one, so far.

The Creative Details - How Did You Make This Project?

Used a red plastic scrubbie for the center.

"Peaches & Creme, 4 ply Worsted Weight

"The Softest 100% Cotton Yarn" 2 oz size

Color - peppermint

Size G crochet hook.

Single crochet around the plastic scrubbie. Then used

Slip Stitches, Half Double Crochet, Double Crochet and Single Crochet stitches to make the heart shape (with increases to make the shape and for "ease".)


  • I don't know what kind of "advice" to give, other than
  • Have Fun. I just used basic stitches and "eye-balled" to get the shape.
  • Do you want specific directions? I have just done this as I have gone along?

Pattern Author / Publisher - List All Relevant Details

I made (and still am) this pattern myself as I go along.

Commute for work, so "live" in 2 places...Elyria and Columbus OHIO. (Currently, a WINTER WONDERLAND! :)

What other "details" do you want?

Anything Else We Should Know?

I am in the process of giving these out for Valentine's Day.

Have not actually tried the dishcloth myself....

Amy Solovay, About.com Crochet, says:

Cheri, thanks so much for sharing this creative project with us! Nice work!

RE "What other "details" do you want?" - Since you've submitted your own original design, no other info is needed. If you had submitted a design based on someone else's published pattern, it would be necessary to credit the original pattern designer.

There might come a time in the future when you wish to publish or sell the pattern for this design. If you ever do, please be sure to contact me so that I can update this page with the information. You've done a great job of explaining how you made your project, but I am sure there are plenty of people who would love to have the actual pattern. It's a lovely project, and it definitely looks like a useful one!

Thanks again for your entry in the crocheted heart challenge!

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