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Reader Submissions: Crocheted Heart Challenge

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The Challenge: Decorate a crocheted heart and make it into something useful - either functional or decorative. You can use my heart pattern, heart chart, or beaded heart, or you could use any other heart pattern that appeals to you. (Please credit the pattern designer if you do.)

Use supplies of your choice - yarn, thread, fiber, fabric, ribbon, trim, beads, edgings, flowers, paper, chipboard, leather, metal, etc. You can also incorporate your hearts into finished items like hatboxes or bags.

After you've made your project, you are invited to submit photos of your creation, along with info about your design.

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Give us an overview of the project, what it's used for, who or what inspired it, and who it's for.
How is your project constructed- stitches, techniques, supplies used, yarns, threads, embellishments

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What advice would you give someone who wants to make a similar project? Tips?

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