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Blanket Squares for Haiti Through Love a Child and Hugs2Haiti

Share Your Story: Crochet Enthusiasts Share Their Experiences With Crocheting for Charity

By kdizne

What Types of Items Do You Crochet for Charity?

I am crocheting and collecting crochet 9 in x 9 in squares made of washable yarn from others to put together to make afghan blankets for Hugs2Haiti

Which Organization(s) Do You Donate Crocheted Items To?

Hugs2Haiti (hugs2haiti.blogspot.com) is an organization I started to show love to the people of Haiti one afghan blanket at a time.

The blankets made will give people in Haiti a clean place to sit or a clean cover to put on themselves.

I am asking that 9 in x 9 in crochet or knit squares be made out of washable yarn. Once the squares are sent to me I will be putting them together to make the blankets.

After the blankets are made I will be sending them to my contact at Love A Child Ministry where they will be given to the sick and/or injured Haitians who are being treated at their compound.

I am also looking for individuals and/or yarn shops (point person) that would be interested in collecting the squares in their area and putting them together to mail them to me. This would be a cost saving measure as mailing them in bulk would cost less than alot of people mailing them to me individually.

To let me know if you are interested in being a point person or if you have any questions and/or comments can be sent to me @ kdizne@gmail.com

Thanks for considering Hugs2Haiti


  • When it comes to sending stuff into Haiti make sure that you are sending your stuff to an organization that is already in the country or has a contact on the ground in Haiti so that what you crochet will get to the people of Haiti in a timely manner.

Amy Solovay, About.com Crochet, says:

Here's a clickable link to the Hugs2Haiti blog.

Interested donors can learn more about the Love a Child organization by visiting Love a Child's charity profile at Charity Navigator. You can also visit Love a Child's web site directly.

Update: Yarn Types to Use:

The original poster has updated the blog to ask that donors send squares made from lightweight yarns - no wool, no acrylic. More details are available here.

Free Crochet Patterns for Afghan Squares

Participants in this project are more than welcome to use our free afghan square patterns. If you're going to crochet new afghan squares, the granny square is easy to make in the right size.

Here are some links to more free afghan square patterns.

As noted, many of these squares turn out smaller than 9". To fix the size discrepancy, you can do one of several things:

  • Add an extra round (or a few extra rounds) around the square to make it the right size
  • Check your gauge and tweak accordingly - maybe adjust the yarn size, hook size or both to get your squares closer to 9".

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