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CreativeThreads' Charity Crochet Work

Share Your Story: Crochet Enthusiasts Share Their Experiences With Crocheting for Charity

By CreativeThreads

What Types of Items Do You Crochet for Charity?

Hats, prayer shawls, scarves, mittens, wristers, amigurumi toys

Which Organization(s) Do You Donate Crocheted Items To?

I send some to my mom who is a breast cancer survivor and she takes them to her oncologist office and is also connected with her pastoral care team at her church. I also donate to a local infusion center. I send preemie and newborn hats to local NICUs. I also donate items to my local WIC office. I am working on making connections with a battered women's shelter and crisis pregnancy center.


  • Make connections. Most places are very happy to receive donations of handmade items but some do have restrictions on what they can receive.
  • create a network with other crafters and let needs be known.

Have Your Experiences All Been Positive?

Yes, I truly enjoy doing this.

Which Yarn(s) Do You Use When Crocheting for Charity?

For infants, prayer shawls and chemo caps, I really try to find the softest yarns I can. I really like the Homespun for prayer shawls. Caron Simply Soft is great and I like Hobby Lobby's I Love This Cotton. Softness is really important to me when choosing yarn.

Where Do You Acquire the Yarns?

Various craft stores and Wal-Mart mostly. Also do some online shopping. Have also had people who don't craft but want to contribute donate yarn to me.

Amy Solovay, About.com Crochet, says:

To CreativeThreads: Thanks for sharing your story! And thanks especially for sharing those great tips. I am sure others will find them helpful.

To Everyone: Creative Threads mentioned sending preemie hats to local NICUs. If you're unfamiliar with an NICU and what that's all about, Cheryl, About.com's Guide to preemies, has written some interesting articles that would give you more insight. Check out All about the NICU for more details on that.

If you'd be interested in crocheting hats for babies or preemies to donate to your local NICU, we have some patterns you might like to try, and some articles that will help you with putting all the details together. See crocheting baby hats and the tulip cloche baby hat pattern for starters.

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