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Crocheting, Knitting and Sewing Blankets for Haiti

Share Your Story: Crochet Enthusiasts Share Their Experiences With Crocheting for Charity

By RascalsMama

What Types of Items Do You Crochet for Charity?

Blankets - all sizes

Which Organization(s) Do You Donate Crocheted Items To?

They are being sent to a new friend in Northern Ohio. She and some fellow church members will be going on a mission trip to Haiti. This was organized prior to the recent earthquake. They will fly into Dominican Republic & travel to Haiti. They already have arrangements in place (working thru a local church in Haiti) to make sure the blankets get to the folks in need. I've been out of work since April-2009 and cannot afford to donate $$. Like many of us crocheters, I have plenty of yarn & a willing spirit to help out however I can!! You can visit her blog posts & if you are led to help her out (blankets only at this time), I'm sure she would appreciate your assistance.

Blog post #1: http://sarahrmara. blogspot. com/2010/ 01/blankets- for-haiti-part-1.html Blog post #2: http://sarahrmara. blogspot. com/2010/ 01/blankets- for-haiti-part-2.html

Please contact her directly (contact info on right side of screen, click to view her profile) & she will provide further details.

This has really improved my spirit as I always want to help & have been down in the dumps lately. It's amazing how doing something that I so love (crochet) can be so helpful to others!!


  • Please read BOTH blog posts for complete details
  • Email the lady directly (Sara M) for further directions
  • Be aware that you can send blankets that are sewn, crocheted, knitted.
  • Be aware that she is only accepting blankets at this time.

Have Your Experiences All Been Positive?

YES - SaraM is a great lady. I'm so grateful for what she & her fellow church members have undertaken. I'm so glad to have found a way that I can help out the wondful folks in Haiti. They are a proud people but just need some help right now!!

Are There Any Pitfalls to Be Aware of?

Not that I'm aware of.

Which Yarn(s) Do You Use When Crocheting for Charity?

Worsted weight, various brands. Some cotton yarns as well.

Where Do You Acquire the Yarns?

From my stash -- variety of sources have over-populated my stash to a tremendous amount. As of late, I've had several friends donate yarn that they have found during cleaning.

Amy Solovay, About.com Crochet, says:

Thanks for the info! The situation in Haiti is simply heartbreaking! I am sure many crocheters will appreciate this information. Thank you for posting.

Here are some clickable links, for anyone who is interested:

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