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Gerry's Crocheted Scarves for the Knit Your Bit Charity

Share Your Story: Crochet Enthusiasts Share Their Experiences With Crocheting for Charity

By Gerry Smith

What Types of Items Do You Crochet for Charity?

Right now I crochet mainly scarves.

Which Organization(s) Do You Donate Crocheted Items To?

The World War II Museum in New Orleans has a program called Knit Your Bit. The collect crocheted and knitted scarves and send them to the VA outlets around the country and they in turn distribute them to the homeless vets in the area. My husband and my son were in the Marine Corp and 2 brothers were in the Navy. Vets are close to my heart.


  • Keep patterns as simple as possible so you can get the most out of your yarn. There are so many men needing help. I can usually get 2 scarves out of the 14oz skein of Red Heart. Try to keep colors in the neutral range. So no bright pinks, purples or oranges.

Have Your Experiences All Been Positive?

Yes. I have a chance to do something I love and help someone in need at the same time.

Are There Any Pitfalls to Be Aware of?

Not that I know of.

Which Yarn(s) Do You Use When Crocheting for Charity?

I prefer the acrylics. Some people are allergic to the natural fibers. Also since you are trying to reach as many as possible you want to keep it as reasonable as possible.

Where Do You Acquire the Yarns?

Wal-Mart or from Red Heart or Caron on line.

Amy Solovay, About.com Crochet, says:

To Gerry: Thanks for the info! Sounds like a great group to work with.

To Everyone: You're invited to check out our free scarf patterns if you'd like to contribute a scarf to charity. This easy scarf would work well for either men or women, but there are lots of possibilities if you'd like to try a different design.

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