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Stephanie's Recommendations for Charity Crochet in North Carolina

Share Your Story: Crochet Enthusiasts Share Their Experiences With Crocheting for Charity

By Stephanie McDougal

What Types of Items Do You Crochet for Charity?

hats, scarves, teddybears, blankets

Which Organization(s) Do You Donate Crocheted Items To?

I make bears for kids in Somalia. I have a contact person in Raleigh, NC that forwards the items to Africa. I also make blankets for Camp Victory Junction, hats and scarves for the Salvation Army, the Raleigh homeless, and the Durham Rescue Mission.


  • It is always good to work with an organization that donates items to these charities. My job has a program called Fidelity Cares and I usually donate through them. You can also find ways to donate through community organizations, churches and homeless shelters. You can also adopt an organization on your own and make things for just that organization.

Have Your Experiences All Been Positive?

Yes and very rewarding

Are There Any Pitfalls to Be Aware of?

Just be sure that the organizations that you are working with gets the donated items to the proper people and the time promised.

Which Yarn(s) Do You Use When Crocheting for Charity?

any kind. I like wool blends because they last longer with wear and tear.

Where Do You Acquire the Yarns?

I get yarns from any stores that have it on sale. Michaels, ACMoore, Joanns. Often times you can find good yarns at the dollar store too. I just stock up when there is a sale on it.

Amy Solovay, About.com Crochet, says:

To Stephanie: Thanks for sharing your experiences, and for all the great tips.

To Everyone: If you're inspired to crochet any of these types of projects for charity, please be sure to check out our free crochet patterns for hats, scarves and blankets; we also have a free teddy bear pattern designed by Sandi Marshall. Hope you'll be able to make good use of them.

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