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Reader Stories: Crochet Enthusiasts Share Their Experiences With Crocheting for Charity


Would you like to learn more about crocheting for charity? Read about the experiences of other crochet enthusiasts, who tell their stories about crocheting blankets, shawls, hats, chemo caps, and other items for charity. Learn from other crocheters about which charities accept their hand-crocheted donations and how they approach their charitable giving.

If you'd like to to crochet items for charity, but you need some ideas for how to get started, this page is a great place for gathering inspiration!

Cyndi's Crocheted Shawls

I have always heard that God doesn't call the EQUIPPED; HE EQUIPS those he calls. Let me tell you, I have a good dozen on my list. Mothers who have lost a child, widows and widowers, cancer patients,…More

Sammantha's Story -- Crocheting for Breast Cancer Patients

I donate them to a breast health care unit at a local hospital who gives them to patients. I chose them because they are close to my home and they provide wonderful care for patients. These items giv…More

Carol's Experiences Crocheting for the Linus Blanket Project

Linus Blanket Project-groups are in many areas of the US. Check out their website and find a group near you. Our group is made up of mostly quilters, but crocheters and knitters are showing up at the…More

Dannye's Charity Crochet Work and Free Charts for Charity Crocheting

I donate scarves, hats, stuffed animals, and blankets to my local homeless shelter. Sometimes I make items to sell at auctions for local charities, like our school and our domestic violence shelter. …More

Beverly's Story -- Crocheting Chemo Caps for Cancer Patients

CARTI, Hospice units, and onologist offices. CARTI is based in Little Rock, Arkansas and my daughter works there. They have offices all over Arkansas. This is for adults and children. I especially en…More

Crocheting for Homeless Shelters and Hospitals -- Marian's Story

The local hospital and women's homeless shelter. I chose these organizations because they seem to see the most people in need. At some point I may choose the men's homelss shelter, but for now I plan…More

Proach's Crochet for Charity -- Hope Lodge

Hope Lodge ( American Cancer Society) in Grand Rapids Michigan. This is a place where cancer patients and one caregiver stay for FREE while receiving treatment in the Grand Rapids area. It is a place…More

Marceme's Charity Crochet

i found a organization to give them to... it is caregiversshe is a very nice lady you can find the address in lion brands archives...i belong to another organization that is making afghans for the el…More

Stephanie's Recommendations for Charity Crochet in North Carolina

I make bears for kids in Somalia. I have a contact person in Raleigh, NC that forwards the items to Africa. I also make blankets for Camp Victory Junction, hats and scarves for the Salvation Army, th…More

Noriko's Charity Crochet Projects

There's a 1/2 way house a lady in my church is involved in. They help women recovering from addiction. Since I had so much yarn leftover from my Christmas projects, I donated some scarves & fingerles…More

JaneE Crochets Prayer Shawls and Children's Sweeaters

I crochet sweaters for World Vision Knit for Kids-25 made so farI also crochet prayer shawls for those with physical, emotional, or spiritual afflictions. I get the names off of my church's prayer li…More

CreativeThreads' Charity Crochet Work

I send some to my mom who is a breast cancer survivor and she takes them to her oncologist office and is also connected with her pastoral care team at her church. I also donate to a local infusion ce…More

How Charity Crocheters Helped Elisha's Family


Carol's Crocheted Blankets for Project Linus

Linus Blanket ProjectGrace in God's Hands- a missionary group that sends sweaters and hats to children's orphanages in Africa. I have made lots of hats for these kids.They can be reached through the …More

Michelle's Christmas Crochet Projects for the Homeless

Sacred Heart Church of Fall River, MassachusettsWe have been doing this now for the 8th year and a few of the ladies have passed away so we are looking for others to help us. I raise the money from r…More

Gerry's Crocheted Scarves for the Knit Your Bit Charity

The World War II Museum in New Orleans has a program called Knit Your Bit. The collect crocheted and knitted scarves and send them to the VA outlets around the country and they in turn distribute the…More

A Charity Crochet Group: Granny Squares of Love

Granny Squares of Love has given afghans to those who lost their homes in natural disasters, made lapghans for those in nursing homes, and crocheted hat and scarf sets to give to the homeless in thei…More

Grannie Annie's Experiences Crocheting for Knots of Love

Knots of LoveThey need soft chemo caps either knitting or crocheted for patientsThey need hats or our VeteransI choose them because the woman in charge does a great jobof dibtributing these hats all …More

Sheri's Charity Crochet Projects -- Hats and Slippers

There is no specific organization. The adult psychiatric inpatient ward is where the slippers go and the hats used to go to the Canadian Mental Health Association for the homeless clients they had. N…More

Kathy Crochets Granny Squares for Charity Crochet Exchange

Charity Crochet Exchange in California. Our church group was given this information and we meet once a month to teach others and to donate towards each project. We get our information from Rhonda Moo…More

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