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Reader Submissions: Best Crochet Projects Made in 2010


We've invited our readers to share their best crochet projects from 2010, and we think they've shared some pretty cool stuff. We hope you'll agree, and that you'll enjoy viewing their amazing work.

Got a project to share? We invite you to post yours, too!

Baby Blanket and Booties Crocheted by Helnzoo2

This was one of my best because I loved working with this yarn (Caron Simply Soft - Soft Green 9903) it is exactly that "Simply Soft" perfect for anything Baby. I combined two different patterns to m…More

Falling Water Pineapple Shawl Crocheted by Ann Kelley

The original pattern is for a round tablecloth. I changed the pattern by removing one of the six panels in the original pattern to give the shawl a good ‘drape.’ This meant I had to work …More

US Marine Corps Blanket Designed and Crocheted by Genia

I actually made this blanket in 2006 while my son was in boot camp.This was my first attempt at making a crochet blanket using a chart that I had to create. He requested that I make him something wh…More

Myrlen's Floweral BedSpread

I did this while in the car travelling around Australia made for my daughter-in Law for xmas . After meeting a terrific lady who showed me some different patterns,which I incorporated it into the squ…More

Runeshadowbeth's Crocheted Toddler Hat

The toddler -- my granddaughter -- loved the hat and actually wore it and she didn't need strings tied under her chin! She's a fair-skinned redhead like her Oma (grandmother, i.e., the crocheter) and…More

Mechia's Baby Afghan Crocheted by Nanagoble

This afghan was made for my latest, and probably last, grandchild. Even though I prefer to design my own embroidery designs for the baby afghans I have made for my grandchildren, I was quite pleased …More

Elphaba's First Crocheted Scarf

It was the first thing I ever created, when I was a little girl my mom and her friend picked up crochet and I begged them to teach me, I could crochet a single chain into infinity but I never learned…More

Wedding Afghan Designed and Crocheted by Kbavouset

This labor of love was a project for my nephew and his bride as a wedding gift. The project turned out perfectly. I like that it is quite large, so soft and washable. They loved it and take turns usi…More

Rhonda's Crocheted Butterfly Afghan

i dont know that it was my best, but it was my favorite.the butterfly afghan was not made for anyone in particular. i just saw the pattern and fell in love with it. there is really no significance to…More

Bertie's Floral Tunisian Crochet Afghan

This project is to enchance a little girls' crib or bed. I was proud to learn how to do surface crochet and end up with the results that I accomplished.My plans are to donate to a charity in my commu…More

Freeform Crochet Assemblage by Ronni Howard

This project was an experimental piece made for myself. It is quite large and free- formed. There was no plan as to what would happen and got almost too big for me to figure out how to frame...still …More

LFHardy's Breast Cancer Support Group Afghan

This afghan was my original design. It was made for our local Breast Cancer Support Group to help raise funds for transportation from Alturas, CA to Klamath Falls, OR for local ladies to get their ma…More

Crocheted Baby Layette Set - Dress, Booties, Bonnet, & Bib

This project was one of my best because this one was made for a friend's newborn granddaughter, which I enjoyed every stitch of this project too. I know they really appreciated the craftmanship and c…More

Baby Girl Pink Crocheted Layette Set

This was one of my best because I crocheted this for a friend's newborn daughter, Aubrey, I enjoyed every stitch so much. It is a pattern that I have for a christening gown and I reworked it. The boo…More

Suzetta's Afghan Squares for Pine Ridge Reservation

This project was the best because it succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. So far more than two dozen wonderful crocheters have sent me 1,755 squares. Over 1,000 squares have been edged and sent on. Th…More

Darlene's Vintage Tablecloth Edging

I've never attempted a vintage pattern before but I really wanted to try one. So far it's turning out great. I haven't quite finished it yet but I'll be finished within the next couple of days. I use…More

Amy's Best Crochet Project -- A Baby Girl's Afghan

This baby afghan was the most impressive crochet project I completed in 2010. Most of my other projects this year have been quick and easy ones like potholders and scarves. I can do better than this,…More

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